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  1. iibao


    Fransheska, thank you for all your help. Both are housebroken. On leash, it really depends on the person holding the other end, they're fine for my brother, but for me. :o They love to run, run, and run some more. Charlie has only mastered sit... Melody knows sit, down, spin, roll over...
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    I'm very sorry, but I am not going to discuss my reason of rehoming due to the fact that it's very personal and complex. My apologies, I should've included that. I'm not very good at describing, if you have any other questions about them, please feel free to ask. Charlie is a typical...
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    Sigh... I have to re-home my dogs. Charlie is the Siberian husky, he'll be 3 very soon. Melody is the Alaskan Klee Kai, she just turned 2 not too long a go. Both are neutered/spayed. I'm in Texas. Melody is the one on top of the sofa, and Charlie is the one on the floor. Charlie...
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    The Last Airbender

    Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's well liked. A lot of people like to just jump onto the bandwagon. I read all the bad guys were played by non-whites. Is that true for the people who saw it ? Beanie, I agree Sokka is the best. :D
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    Sun Worshippers

    Tucker is awesome. :) The title remind me of George Carlin.:p
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    Why I Own A Gun (This is GOOD!)

    What does the Bronx have to do with it ? It's very hard to get a gun in NYC, legally. But it's very easy to get one, illegally. It's backwards. Criminals don't care about laws. I rather have it, and not need it. Than need it and not have it. Maybe gun safety should be taught in school. :)...
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy?

    When we accept gay marriage in every state. If not, then it should stay.
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    She's Canadian...

    Made in Canada. :D
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    Twilight Moms

    Just like my husky. :lol-sign: Creepers. :o
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    *VENT* I feel..disgusted. "Quota-filler" Im so sick of this racism BULL****

    Learn to laugh at idiots. Not worth getting angry over.:p I wish we can start seeing each other as human beings already. Haha, your father quote is awesome.
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    Why I Own A Gun (This is GOOD!)

    The title should be "Why I own Guns (This is GOOD)" :D I wish we had gun laws like in Arizona or Vermont. :o
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    Hannah's Idol audition

    She is adorable. :D :doh: <--- At the end. :lol-sign::lol-sign:
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    OMG It's so HOT!

    We had our AC on for awhile now. :p When I was going to school in NYC, we didn't even get heating let alone Air conditioning. :mad:
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    Obama's new detainment law.

    What about immigrations ?:lol-sign::popcorn:
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    Obama's new detainment law.

    This is a better idea, because I can't swim. :rofl1:
  16. iibao

    Obama's new detainment law.

    We have a 2 party system, but in reality it's really one. When Rep mess up, people vote Dem. When Dem mess up, people vote Rep. Probably won't even be enough room just for the dogs. :rofl1:
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    The TOTALLY AWESOME Road Trip Picture Thread! v2.0

    It looks a lot better made than others. All I can find is cheaply made ones. :(
  18. iibao

    Revy's Pool Party... and Other Fun

    I like the drunk picture. :D I'm thinking about getting a kiddie pool now. Clean teeth :)
  19. iibao

    The many faces of Lucy..........

    :rofl1::rofl1::rofl1: She so silly. :D
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    Technology you enjoy that you didn't have growing up?

    GPS beats Mapquest. :p