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    Hello from Canada!!

    Hello, a fellow Canadian, my breed of choice is the Shiba Inu. I have two. My female, Miko, will be 7 in August and is my Service Dog. My male, Kenji, is going to be 1 in October and putting us through our paces.
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    When there are more than two dogs in a home, the pack must become balanced. It is important that each member or the pack, you are one, establish their place in the pack. You must be the lead. Take them for walks together, and spend time with them as a pack so that they are regularly reminded...
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    Service Dogs in aircraft

    Just wondering if anyone else has run into the situation whereby their dog is too large to be lap held and of no use to them if put on the floor of the aircraft.
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    Good News! The dog did not bark last night. He only freaks out when both Dad and I leave.:)
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    :popcorn:Thanks coffee, this is either a love story in the making or the beginning of a train wreck. My dad was not encouraged to hear that he may have 2 weeks of barking, crying, whining and messing in the house to contend with.
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    :( My mother declaired this morning that "she never wants to see that dog again!" Any ideas as to how to make the seperation less traumatic on everyone involved?
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    :(:(I bought a dog for my dad, spent a month training him (he will be 5 in September and was a pet return to the breeder) I have brought him to my dad and the dog is crying and barking all night because I am not there.