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    Transport Needed

    I'm only about 30 minutes from St Clairesville OH. I could do a pick up and a bit of driving if someone could meet me to pick up from the PA area.
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    How much would you be willing to pay for a dog?

    Depends greatly on the dog, the breed, the lines and the testing behind it. For a shelter adoption...I would limit myself to $150. For a well bred purebred that is a show potential $1,000 (my breed...Min Pins) (Although keep in mind in some breeds, $1,000 would barely get you a quality pet...
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    The 5 best cutest breeds

    Beagles Pugs French Bulldogs Min Pins Mastiff
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    Choose one from each group!

    Sporting: Vizsla Hound: Beagle Herding: Rough Collie Non-Sporting: EBD or Boston terrier Terrier: Bull terrier Working: Doberman Toy: Pug, Min Pin Too hard to choose only 1!
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    Herding Instinct Test Scheduled for Sat!!!

    I got to watch one of this summer at a show. it was alot of fun just to watch even.
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    Questions about C-Sections in Dogs....

    I disagree ^ but thats what makes life interesting, lol.
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    9 days

    I have experienced it too, and though its been nearly 2 years now, it still hurts to lose your heart dog. For weeks I would hear him walking across the floor, swear I felt his big head flop onto my leg, could hear him at the door, barking outside, etc. Took a long time and I still fight...
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    This makes me want to cry.

    Poor guy!
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    Questions about C-Sections in Dogs....

    Many thngs can factor in to why a c-section is needed. It can range from the puppies overall size, head size, if the pup is face up or down (especially important with big head breeds) mom's inability to produce enough hormoned for labor to be strong, lack of muscle toning (common in older dogs...
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    Eye Licking

    If the eye doesnt look red or irritated and Hank doesnt act like it bothers him. You just have a chronic eye washer. We have had them here before too, I love them! Gbew was a non stop ear, eye, face washer of every dog in the house! Made it wonderful with the Pugs, she kept everyone clean all...
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    Another guess the breeds post

    BYB bred Pyr pup, JM2CW
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    Puppy Food?

    Seems that TOTW is an all stages food? There are many high quality brands that are for all life stages, so no need to seperate adult/puppy foods. I would say TOTW is just fine for your baby.
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    Most of mine keep clean with raw bones. Unfortunately there are a few Ougs that are not into chewing :( We use the water additive, it works well and has no taste so they have no idea your putting it in. Love the ideas given here for adapting the dogs to a toothbrush!
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    So What do you think the answer will be?

    Speaking of 'neuticals''s a story that still cracks me up! A handler is showing Standard Poodle...the dog is 9 months of age and is excused for having only one testicle. Same dog, same handler, the dog is now 18 months of age, dog is excused for having 3 testicles ROFLMAO Ya...
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    New contests

    Any recent contests? Anyone interested in starting one?
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    Heelo All! I have really enjoyed this forum and look forward to getting to know you all.

    Heelo All! I have really enjoyed this forum and look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Redocking boston terrier puppies?

    BT are a naturally tailess breed, I believe. Tails and dewclaws should be done at 3-5 days old, no later. At this age, no a re-dock cannot be done without going under anesthesai and cutting through bone to remove it now. The tail should not have grown back, even a bad dock job wont do that...
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    Does anyone's dogs

    I have some that will chase them in flight, some that will wait for them to land and stalk them just to get them to fly away, and a couple that will pounce on them and eat them if they land, but dont waste their time with the ones in the air, lol Yes, and some zoomie dogs that get going so...
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    Im Desperate

    I have no experience with her issues, but want to send some healing prayers and good thoughts your way!
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    Here we go

    Well?? well??