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    I took her to the vets today and the vet feels it would be more likely a tenden problem than a bone/joint problem as the dogs very active and has a smooth gaint.
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    I have a 14 month old Border Collie bitch, she has developed a limp from her shoulder after rest. Originally the limp was caused from trauma after she fell off something however the limp did not start until after she had rested. After a weeks rest the limp seemed to go away all together. Then...
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    New Puppy

    Why are you going for this type of dog?
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    Weird X-mas gifts you've received

    I have never got a weird gift but this is making a very good topic :P
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    Those of you that train dogs for a living - click here

    if you are teaching basic obedience then should make the no agressive dogs rules very clear from the start.
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    welcome to the forum :D
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    dog massacre in China

    so discusting such awful people.
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    Pup unsure of other dogs

    Just give it time
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    Never get a dog as a gift let the person choose to get a dog and the type of dog for them selfs.
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    Hi all.

    Welcome - post some pics of your dogs.
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    Helo, sut wyt ti?Dwi'n hoffi ci a ceffyl!

    Welcome to the forum. I have 3 border collies myself.
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    Problem.... :(

    Try yahoo groups theres some just for people who want to build equipment as well as documents on it.
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    Site updated!

    Ill exchange links if you want?
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    Cavalier Puppies!

    very cute, its a lovely breed.
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    Dog Toy Store!!!

    Hello I have finally finished the full re-design of my site so check it out and tell me what you think Dog Toys - now shipping to the US and Canada Thanks. P.S if any one has a website and would like a link exchange visit
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    Quiz Questions

    Thanks, I will add any suggestions in.
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    Quiz Questions

    any1 else think of any?
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    Quiz Questions

    Yea those type of questions are great. Just something light hearted. Its for general dog owners but could also be for experienced and non-experienced dog owners.
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    The dogforum!

    Very nice domain name.
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    Quiz Questions

    Hello, Im making some dog related quizzes and need questions that would be sutable. The questions can be anything from general dog related to dog sports to anything that would make a suitable quiz for dog owners. Please give me suggestions Thank you.