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  1. Kristie223

    Recommend A Breed

    you might like a Dutch Shepherd... they are on the smaller end of your scale as far as size..
  2. Kristie223

    Electric Fences vs electric collar HALP!!!

    I agree with those people that said a solid recall is your best recourse. You can use an e collar to get a fantastic recall off of just about anything if used properly. (I mean starting with a long line a low stim and teaching the dog what the stim means and then proofing.) I know other...
  3. Kristie223

    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    Gwen was named after the great panther from RA Salvatore's stories about the dark elf Drizzt.... she walks like a cat she jumps like a cat... smells like a ..... (dog for sure!!) is quite cat like in her leapings over her playmate Izar.. her full name is Guenhyvar. .... I call her Gwenice the...
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    Malinois- size

    Great story!!
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    I bet the ribbons taste good!!
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    I am glad to hear that she is doing a bit better... It is so hard to let go of a loved one, I pray that you don't have to.
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    Teaching to walk on the leash w/out pulling?

    oops... I just repeated what twenty other people said. no reason to beat a dead horse.....:D
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    Am I in the wrong? (Pit Bull debate thread)

    I forgot to mention that cars kill people, guns kill people... OMG people kill people...Lets ban PEOPLE! stop breeding people kill people... sorry just had to respond to the idiocy...
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    Am I in the wrong? (Pit Bull debate thread)

    I haven't read through all the posts.. maybe I should, but I think that you were spot on. In fact it took real cahuna's to post what you did. I think LOTs of people would have been to afraid to do so. I own two dogs that are on the CDC's list of most dangerous dogs. The only reason the...
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    hola! aloha.. ciao... greetings

    I posted pictures in the pet section...when I am feeling better I will post more
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    Dog photos

    Thanks! my husband says she looks like a fruit bat.... I think she says all the better to hear you with ... that one, she doesn't miss a thing.
  12. Kristie223

    Dog photos

    Yay I did it!!
  13. Kristie223

    Tripod :D

    My Lonnie was a tripod!! He was very Hoppy!
  14. Kristie223

    hola! aloha.. ciao... greetings

    here are Gwen and Lonnie ok it didn't work like I thought it would I ll have to keep trying but this is for now
  15. lonnie ...

    lonnie ...

  16. Izar looking cool

    Izar looking cool

  17. baby Gwen

    baby Gwen

  18. Kristie223

    hola! aloha.. ciao... greetings

    you'll have to catch me first!!! and then tell me how to attach the photos to the post... or you'll have to wait til I figure it out. :ninja:
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    Malinois- size

    It was most likely a Dutch Shepherd perhaps a DSx Mal.... the dog should have the brindle body with a black mask on the face... nice dogs, if I do say so myself.... I know of DS breedings that throw the fawn color but depending on the breeder they are often sold as either .... the Mal can throw...
  20. Kristie223

    "Basic Black Dog". Any breed guesses?

    I say definitely cute!! Pit mix not sure what else though GD maybe from the side view of the head but looking straight on he looks nothing like Izar.. ps... I want to attach a picture of Izar but can't seem to figure it out