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    I have not noticed a response from the op for this whole post... correct me if I am wrong. Its amazing how our society treats some children in school like they have no rights. If we where to take the same EXACT scenario except using two adults, well lets face it, unless there was actual...
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    Those who take their dogs to dog parks..

    I worried about this a bit as well, but just walking charlie in our old neighborhood it was much less clean than the dog parks around here and we got ringworm twice. Now I give him a bill for different types of worms around with Revolution, and of course he has his shots, so I am not so...
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    kids walking dogs

    I think for the most part children under 10 should not be walking larger dogs by them self. Clearly the issue with that dog was that it either did not respect the walker or was not taught proper leash manners. I don't have an issue with a well trained dog and a 12 year old walking it.
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    Got in an argument with my neighbor over her dogs

    Oh there are ways to deal with people like this.... NO owners around, dogs running loose.... put your dog in the apt. Go outside and get their dog, bring it to animal control. Its a stray, let them pay to get the dog out, and I would keep doing it until they smarten up or move out. I am...
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    Lol best punishment ever.

    ah thats a cute story, he is still a good boy :)
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    Foster dog Sparkle

    She is beautiful :)
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    Do you have all-weather dogs?

    Thats how charlie is as well, the only time he has an issue is when its extremely cold outside, or in the winter when he is trimmed short
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    Is that a dog in there?? *pics*

    No, he was not really strapped in, it was an empty backpack with a nice blanket and closed enough on the top so that it would not open up to much for him to fall out, he was able to take his arms out if he wanted to. For his age he is a very calm dog, no whining or complaining of any kind...
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    What would you do?

    That would not be possible, if its illegal, its illegal, regardless if you agree with this law or not. I am not saying that makes the OP a bad owner in any way, but if you own a pet you should know the laws where you live and what you are required to do/not do. Rabies is an extremely serious...
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    Stepson's dog is peeing when jealous - help!

    That is weird... territorial I believe? Getting the girlfriend to give the dog treats sounds good. Any other good things associated when people come over would be good as well like "oh this girl gives me snacks, hugs and then takes me for a walk, I like her". I hope it helps.
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    Does your dog stay upstairs or downstairs..

    when you are not there? It took us over a year just to get Charlie to go up and down the stairs on his own and he only does it because he is following us, so he stays downstairs when we are not home.
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    Is that a dog in there?? *pics*

    Are they to big or something?
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    Nice new one your got there, congrats :)
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    does your dog sleep with his collar on at night?

    Charlie sleeps without a collar in his crate
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    Is that a dog in there?? *pics*

    Yes of course! We where going snowshoeeing. This is my father with charlie in his backpack. We where going to leave him behind, but my dad (the man who is not a fan of dogs at all) decided that he should come along and carried him in his backback. It was so much fun, we let him out...
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    Ripken (Savage) update: Bad news

    Best wishes, poor guy
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    How to get puppy in new crate *silly*

    that is cute! I have one for charlie as well, a smaller one for traveling, but I may get a bigger one for his permanent crate upstairs since he is not the destructive type at all.
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    Dear Bulldog . . .

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    Texas mayor quits after admitting dog theft

    wow, how mean... found here This woman really needs to get a life and give this dog back! This is one case where I am happy that a dog is considered property, she has already admitted it is the same dog, so when they go to court she will be forced to give it back.
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    Dogs have feelings too

    Thats what I was thinking, its HER fault, instead of blaming the dog in this case she is blaming the child when its her responsibility :rolleyes: