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    Im at a Loss

    ok i can suggest somthing - you need to show him that your feet can "bite bac" now i dont mean that u would ever need to hurt the dog just to make him go "oh bloody hell i aint goin there again " like i have seen these collors and they have a little spray attachment and everytime the dogs does...
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    Hi am new to

    thanks everyone !! their are photos on the pics page of tasha chillin out and under me being a proud mum !!! your dogs are all so cute also !! xxxx
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    Comment by 'emma007' in media 'im a proud mum !!!'

    hey all thanks for the comments ! tasha now has a big head ! lol
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    Hi am new to

    Thanks emma nice name alrite isnt it ! thanks
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    Clean Teeth

    u can get that beef (yuk) flavored toothpaste in stores and they will look forward to u brushing their teeth
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    Hi am new to

    thanks chazhound ! i have uploaded sum pics on the pics part of site and in an album how do i get her pic beside my name like everyones ? if ya know please do tell thanks again !
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    What training methods?

    I went to a dog trainer with my dog a lab called tasha and this trainer was sooo gud and advised me to try this - if your dog sits tell it GOOD SIT tasha (ur dogs name ) and same with all things even peeing ! when tasha pees now i say good wee wees or oh go wee wees same wee wee word and any...
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    I have a big problem

    well when i was attending a ob skool with my dog part of her problem was she would become sooooooo over excited she cud hardly breathe so we needed to teach her that until she sat down she wuld not be petted - rubbed , this was so hard when people came into the hose like kids and would undo the...
  9. get that camera outta my face and feed me mammy !!!!

    get that camera outta my face and feed me mammy !!!!

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    Hi am new to

    Hi there , my name is emma and i live in dublin ireland and am crazy about my puppy (well she is one now ,but she will always be my puppy) she is a labrador and she is sooo blonde she isnt even golden she often looks white unless she shes been diggin !!! :( When i was growing up i was told "we...
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    Another Newbie

    Hi am am also a newbie my name is emma and my labs name is tasha i have uploaded pics and it states that pending approval > will this sort its self out ? thanks and love all the pics by the way xx tasha says woof!
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    Comment by 'emma007' in media 'redd's kid in a cap!! lol'

    this is soooooooo cute
  13. im a proud mum !!!

    im a proud mum !!!

    this is my lovly baby tasha she was 1 on the 21st of feb . isnt she lovely?
  14. tasha chillin out !!!

    tasha chillin out !!!

    this is my baby tasha and she isnt allowd on this new sofa but could u resist this face ?
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    Now or Later?

    Hi there , yes i was told to get my dogs (tasha) a lab done at like 3- 6 mths and had her doen and she is very happy but she is a lab and did put weight on after the op ? but she heeled so well and the only thing that bothered her and me ha ha was that lamp shade they made her wear it was way to...