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    Not new, but old.....

    hello NOT on FB but on here
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    Long time no see (read)

    greetings similar story but with 4 dogs
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    Returning after over a decade

    Greetings life happened lost the site who knows, 4 dog owner here now
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    Norwegian Elkhound and Norwegian Buhund

    We had an elkhound she resides here now got her from a pet store before we knew any better .very devoted but VERY stubborn hated cats evn though we have one,lots of fur!!
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    Avoiding certain breeds - insulting?

    When we walk in the neighborhood we dont walk on the sidewalk to avoid any such issues but we have a prety low car traffic neighborhood so its not a big deal
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    What flea product to use

    K9 advantix on one dog and Revolution on the other
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    Innova For Cows?

    our dobie LOVES our chives
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    Fleas between the toes?

    Im in W.Palm Beach..we treated the yard yesterday with diamectious earth I hope it works/ small were they? we dont have a real problem with deer ticks according to everything I read..deer ticks are REAL small like the size of a pin head
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    Fleas between the toes?

    ticks?? we live in S.Fl as well and are developing a tick problem one dog is on revolution and one is on frontline+..I read its due to the hurricanes and shifting habitat
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    15 min 7am 30-60 min 7pm several back yard trips in the interim
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    Did Not know this about a Dobe

    cropped and docked dobies CAN look extremely regal,while uncropped CAN look like the goofs they are,for myself I prefer C&D
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    What would you do??

    it the person or the purpose you are having problems/second thoughts with?? if its person I would say no if tis the purpose well Im not against hunting so I say yes
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    Dogs of our past

    Blackie:shnoodle who was there before I was born Shadow:sheperd mix I only had him for 2 weeks but he was a great dog we bonded INSTANTLY I got him at "orphans of the storm and right when I took him out of the kennel I took him off leash(and was promptly yelled at by the kennel people) but he...
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    So angry!!

    WOW thats is pretty some people just couldnt even buy a clue
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    giving pills

    yep been doing it this way for YEARS although it helps to gently massage their throat and as soon as they lick their nose pill is swallowed ( a vet showed me this)
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    Our newest rescue...(pics inside)

    Sawyer a blue dobe that we got thru doberman rescue concern and the humane society..sort of a bittersweet story... think he will get along with Denali?????
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    Karen is not reasonable!-(Images)

    wow...could not deal with the drool
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    vanilla and peeing

    hmm vanilla+pee=vanilla pee no thanx
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    the $64000 question are they fixed?? 3 intact male dogs expect problems to worsen
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    sounds like it is not on a leash?? thats the first problem