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  1. Pintage

    Just out of curiousity/for fun, pick a breed for me!

    I have an Australian Koolie, and I think that she fits most of the things in your list. My Koolie definitely has reactive tendencies though, especially towards other dogs. She was socialized extensively as a pup (many trips through shopping malls, beaches, parks, play dates with other pups)...
  2. Pintage

    Three's a crowd?

    Yes, 3 dogs are a pack and you will start to see behaviours that you did not see when it was just 2 dogs. When it was just me, Lugia (Silken Windhound) and Circus (Australian Koolie) it was very easy. There were never any fights or conflicts, I never had to do much managing when it came to...
  3. Pintage

    Favourite Dog Movies!

    I loved You Lucky Dog which used to air on the Disney channel. A dog inherits a fortune and his handler (who can speak Dog) buys him all this cool ***
  4. Pintage

    How do your dogs react...

    To you disturbing them while sleeping? Lugia: if you touch her in a way she does not like, she'll give you a dirty look, jump off the furniture, and go to her kennel. Circus: if I jostle her while we're sleeping, she gets up and rearranges herself. Pablo: just gets out of the way...
  5. Pintage

    Medium active biddable breed? Help! Toller, ES, Koolie, Spaniel?

    Koolies are very nice dogs, I love my Koolie, but she is a very busy girl. She's an intact female, almost 2yo, 18" and 25#. Her daily schedule is something like, a 40 minute offleash run in the morning, 3 minute disc session, strength exercises, 1 shaping session, and a 1.5 hour offleash pack...
  6. Pintage

    What is something that you did awesome at when you got your dog/puppy?

    Never once allowed her to chew something inappropriate. Circus could be left home alone with Lugia from 5 months of age and she never onced chewed on anything she shouldn't.
  7. Pintage

    Favorite Skills?

    Circus really seems to like pivoting into a heel. When it's training time, it's almost always the first behavior she offers. She also likes to throw her entire little body at me when playing disc xD Lugia's favorite (maybe because it requires the least amount of effort) is "be cute", she'll...
  8. Pintage

    How does your dog do at the vet?

    Lugia hates it, won't even accept treats from the vet or staff but will take them from me after a while. She just kinda stands there with the sighthound lurch and her head hanging low. She is easy to handle, tolerates restraint well and was a favorite of the students at the veterinary hospital...
  9. Pintage

    Would you get a breed sight unseen?

    I got my Silken Windhound and Koolie without having met any representatives of the breed. I'd definitely do it again! So the SWH was presented to me as a versatile dog that could do lots of things (including sports like agility and flyball), and I had dreams of competing in agility and disc...
  10. Pintage

    Dog Related Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

    I'm buying this for Lugia. :o Does anyone else know of any good deals on dog beds?
  11. Pintage

    How often are you on Petfinder?

    I check Petfinder nearly weekly, not because I'm looking for another dog, but because I have a collection of 1000+ images of "cool looking mixed breed dogs" saved on my computer and I'm always adding to it xD
  12. Pintage

    Breeds similar to ACDs.

    The fights usually aren't that serious - except for one occasion, they always escalate when they're right next to me or my SO and a verbal "KNOCK IT OFF!" will cause them to break up (as long as we catch it within the first 2 seconds). There was one time where my SO gave Pablo a bone and took a...
  13. Pintage

    What are your dogs doing right now?

    It's 8:12am right now. Circus is laying on her dog bed, intently watching our backyard for squirrels (she's up the earliest, as soon as she hears us stirring in the bedroom, she jumps on the bed, gives me morning kisses, and then sprints outside and does her morning squirrel duty). I just...
  14. Pintage

    Do you plan on sticking with your breed? Or branching out?

    I need to have at least 1 Koolie and 1 Silken in my life at all times xD For a while, I used to think that I'd just have multiples of Koolies and Silkens forever. I started spending a lot more time with my SO's lab-mix and I really enjoy him (he's just sssooo different from Lugia and Circus and...
  15. Pintage

    Breeds similar to ACDs.

    Circus (a Koolie) can be scrappy at times and I've had to separate fights between her and Pablo (my boyfriend's 2yo lab-mix). I say that he starts it, SO says that she starts it. Circus has NEVER had any aggression issues with Lugia and when it was just the two of them I left out chews, bones...
  16. Pintage

    Calories/pound: How much does it take to power your dogs?

    Our dogs get about 2-3hrs of offleash time at an open space daily (we'll play with the Chuckit, have them swim in the ponds, run them on bike trails, etc), so they eat a TON of food o_o; Their body condition score ranges from 3.5-4/9 and they're all really well-muscled. Lugia, 2-year old...
  17. Pintage

    If there was a puppy...

    Get the puppy! I remember when Lugia and her 3 sisters were born. The other 3 had super flashy markings and Lugia had the plainest most common Silken marking. I thought to myself, I would be happy with any of these puppies except for this one *points to Lugia's picture* I had told the breeder...
  18. Pintage

    The Venting Thread

    I'm spaying my first dog to-morrow (a humane society dog)... pretty much the only preparation I've had is watching a video :yikes: I can't do this. Watching a video is supposed to be adequate preparation??? I've never even done this on a cadaver before! It's just absurd that they can expect...
  19. Pintage

    How I prepared Merlin's crate for his flight..

    I put a LOT more bedding in their crate (I knew they weren't going to make a mess) including an oval dog bed... though it depends on the airline (Alaska Airlines lets me put whatever I want in their crates). I also trained them to use a rabbit water bottle and hung that over their frozen water...
  20. Pintage

    How to get the dog to drink from a bottle?

    I think that's a good idea - or a mason jar which would be a bit more sturdy if you had to toss it in your backpack.