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    The most thorough job app I've ever seen

    What fun! Indigo would be my guess. Sounds like they are following the rainbow ;):p
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    "Look doggy" says the running child

    First, the kid would have been told the difference of misusing and misunderstanding words and that just because someone says their dog doesn't like kids, does not automatically mean they will bite and attack. I can't stand kids that act that way. Then, when the mom went on a rampage, my first...
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    Is it uncommon

    For their blessings? Yea, I actually think that's sweet. Permission? No, because if I was set and ready to marry the man a "no" from my dad isn't going to change my mind. I actually think it would be funny, if someone did ask permission, my dad would be the one to get really serious and say...
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    Would you eat steak made from human feces?

    Yea, the whole process has me going "huh?" No thanks. I want my steaks straight from the cow and onto the grill/skillet as quickly as possible. . . I'll skip the color and flavor enhancements along with the poop protein. So no, wouldn't eat it at all.
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    Would you consider Hooters to be family friendly?

    So every time I check Chaz and see this, I keep thinking of this story: - Former Hooters waitress settles toy Yoda suit :rofl1: (FYI, can't guarantee site since looked it up quick on my phone since I can't post the pic, and the story whether true or false. . . I never...
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    More pictures of Ms. Thang and Flintstone brother

    I hardly comment but I always view your photo threads, so never too many pictures! I love them, they are both gorgeous dogs... I LOVE Bamm's face (and FYI, so stealing the name if I ever have a litter of a girl and boy. Pebbles and Bamm Bamm? Oh yes :p)
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    Would you consider Hooters to be family friendly?

    I wouldn't eat there, but I don't see what the big deal is. Big boobs? I see those on the street everyday and so do kids. Take with it from you will. My 13 year old brother just went on a school trip where they had (in his words) a "peep show." Meaning he saw a tape on sex info (that...
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    Pregnant Beagle For Sale

    Flagged for removal, which is good, but at same time wish someone with a brain WOULD get her to do spay-abort. If I was closer I'd have emailed to try to work out a "deal" (can show them how much I spend on a litter starting at 30 days with ultrasound to weaning, tho I'm impressed they "only"...
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    What to do with Mia and Summer....?

    I can't find a picture of the pen I'm thinking of (and I forget the brand mine are, I bought them at shows). . . but they are pens with vertical bars (no square holes). A LOT of the Westies I bring home for socialization, grooming, etc from a friend are climbers and cannot be trusted to stay in...
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    puppy genders

    As soon as they are delivered you can tell whether they have a penis or not, it's not rocket science. Was she being serious?!
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    Flea/Tick Preventative?

    Bug Off (granules, not chewables) from Springtime. Was very very hesitant at first (they hardly got even half of the recommended dosage the first few weeks), but it works, no adverse reactions, and vet approves. . . they still don't get the full dose (just half). ETA: I know it must be doing...
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    Dream Interpretation?

    Links or titles of unbiased studies please :) I find dreams fastening, and though yes I say some have no meanings, I also believe some do. IMO though, everyone has different interpretations. What one might mean for you, can be completely different than someone else's theory.
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    Vets pushing to breed

    Maybe it's different in other countries? Here in the states most of the ones I have been to/met really pushed altering. I am sure they are out there, just haven't come across one (also when I lived in the Netherlands). . . that's terrible. I was even "fired" by a vet because she was so...
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    Ever seen a dog with eyes like THESE?

    Besides being concerned about health issues, I don't find her spooky/freaky/scary. . . She is a cutie! Hopefully she gets a good home that appreciates her and her uniqueness!
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    I think I'm going to get Ada an ultrasound

    Hoping for a good outcome and that she isn't pregnant! I'm sorry I didn't read about which treatment she is undergoing, but keep in mind if the risk is too great to spay and treatment continues, talk with your vet about how to handle the puppies. I can only go by a rescue that was pregnant...
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    Misty's Litter

    I have dealt in rescue, I have watched a litter of young puppies being carried to the gas chamber, I have had to tell dogs I couldn't save that I was sorry I couldn't do more or didn't choose them. Hell, the guilt of going in and pulling only a dog or two and leaving the rest knowing **** well...
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    Tips on how to start showing?

    Personally? I haven't found handling classes useful, the majority of dogs who hate showing had been to handling classes with their owner and obviously didn't help much. Most important thing IMO is to raise a confident dog who is stable and "happy" to be in a show environment. The BEST place...
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    Ear Taping?

    Doesn't bother me at all. I would never routinely do it tho, and if I had to tape every single puppy then I would be asking questions and trying to find a solution (if I was in a different breed, it would be a different story). I shave the tips of the ears at 6-8 weeks to get the weight from...
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    Before and After pics

    Congrats! And I was at that mall yesterday :p
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    Breeding a disqualifying fault.

    Judges know, some aren't incompetent (some are :rofl1:) but they will put up what they want to put up on that day. The ones who can easily hide the faults to a T are the ones who generally have trimming down and understand the concept of what you can do with layers, etc... thus the dogs often...