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    I have 4 pems now. All rescues two are half brothers. I had there mom as well but adopted after I got the brothers. So 6 total 3 adult (senior rescues). I love them with all my heart I only have herding breeds but they can be serious dogs. I have a had malinios and dutch shepherds as well as...
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    Ever own a breed of dog you didn't like?

    Fostered a few pit bulls and pit type breeds wouldn't again with my own pack now. Love pits, would trust with my human kids but never would trust them with my other fur kids. And I too say corgi's. I have 4 and love them all to bits but they can be the most scrappy dogs at times. They act like...
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    Kirkland brand for LB pup?

    Costco which sells Kirkland also has natures domain grain free salmon and turkey and now beef all with sweet potato. All the nature domain say all life stages on the bags. Kirkland and natures domain are made by diamond pet foods. It's the same as the 4 health line at TSC.
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    Urine acidifiers?

    I also use ester C 500 mg. 2 x a day and cranberry caps. 2x a day and Braggs organic apple cider vinegar table spoon in his food dish with food. Seems to be helping he had cronic UTI's.