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  1. *Amy*

    I missed my camera!

    Really cute! You must have a nice camera!
  2. *Amy*

    I iz Tiger, I haz Peektures.

    Hehe :) Thanks! I never thought I'd have a kitten anytime soon, but I'm happy we found him and could give him a good home. He's a lot of fun!
  3. *Amy*

    Have you ever seen a dead person?

    Wow, you've witnessed a lot of sad things! Especially the boy getting hit by a car. That is just tragic- I'm not sure I could ever get that picture out of my head. I've never seen anyone dead or dying. I have no idea what it would feel like except for plain old rotten. :( Edit- Actually...
  4. *Amy*

    I iz Tiger, I haz Peektures.

    Tiger now weighs 3.5 lbs! He got his second set of kitten vaccines yesterday. He is doing amazingly well for a kitten that was once outside all alone with no human contact. He's very friendly and playful. :D He also has his own tree house that my boyfriend built for him which I'll have pictures...
  5. *Amy*

    Bev Antic

    Way too cute :D I can't wait to have a little kid of my own throwing food at my dogs! They'll be best friends in an instant, haha.
  6. *Amy*

    What Constitutes Rape?

  7. *Amy*

    What do you feed your dog(s)?

    I voted other since I do pre-made and DIY. I feed turkey necks in the AM and a pre-made blend at night- usually Bravo and I change meat sources weekly. I'm very happy with the results. Their teeth are much cleaner and poops are tiny!
  8. *Amy*

    I Love My Blankie

    I love blankie pics! I have an addiction to buying blankets for my pets. I have almost 15 just for them.
  9. *Amy*

    Vibes needed for Emma's Spay

    Good vibes to Emma!
  10. *Amy*

    What Constitutes Rape?

    Sex without consent is rape, but it doesn't have to be spoken every time you have sex... Like "is it okay if I have sex with you now?" There are cues other than verbal that say you either do or do not want to do it. Screaming and shoving away is definitely a cue of "no." Going with it and...
  11. *Amy*

    What are you thankful for?

    Today I'm thankful for the positive people in my life so that I can forget about the negative ones. :D
  12. *Amy*

    Favorite winter foods

    I didn't know anyone else made hamburger soup.. I guess I thought it was something my Grandma created - haha I'm so naive. The recipe I use has similar ingredients (carrots, celery, potatoes, cabbage) plus egg noodles and plus a can of diced or stewed tomatoes. I also top it with grated...
  13. *Amy*

    What would you do if you had to choose...

    Exactly what I was going to say. :D
  14. *Amy*

    Favorite winter foods

    Paige, would you like to share your recipe for potato and leek soup? :D I was wanting to make that soon and haven't found a recipe yet. I love homemade breads in the fall and winter: pumpkin, gingerbread, zucchini bread.. and of course homemade cookies..and pumpkin pie. Mmm!
  15. *Amy*

    The Handsome Devil Himself

    He is stunning! Great pics :D
  16. *Amy*

    Harry Potter 7

    I'm excited even though I stopped reading after the 5th book!
  17. *Amy*

    Rosey photo dump

    I love dogs that have those little tufts of hair beneath the ears! She's so pretty! :D
  18. *Amy*

    The Super Six go outside

    Your ferrets are adorable and so lucky! Reminds me of my friend's ferret who gets to take a shower with her every day. :lol-sign: So cute.
  19. *Amy*

    How do you view your spouse?

    My spouse/boyfriend is my best, most important friend and being in my life. He understands me better than I understand myself sometimes. When I'm impatient, he's calm. When I want to cry, he makes me laugh. When people in my life upset me or give me reason to stop trying, he gives me reason to...
  20. *Amy*

    I love this dog.

    I'm so jealous! Can I live there, too? Haha