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    Happy B-day Brattina :D

    I hope I am not to late... I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
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    A tribute for Pixie

    I am really sorry! I lost my dog and I am a mess!!! I hope Pixie has a good time in Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace Pixie.
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    little sisters first dog

    IF not little dogs then I dunno. If you want a big dog I would go for a golden retriever!
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    My cats

    My cats; - This is Budu. He is the most nicest and fluffiest cat I know! I love him so much! - Ths is General, my gray cat. He isnt that nice and he gets in a lto of fights for no reason but he is still a great cat!:D
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    blue and the comp!!

    He is so adorable!!!! My cat sometimes covers my whole screen and when he gets off I dont see a moniter. I see a lot of fur!!!:eek:
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    Oh I'm haveing a great day :(

    I am so sorry, it must be hard. I know how it feels. You must be very upset right now. But your kitty is always going to be with you. In your heart.
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    Pics of my puppy Flashbang

    Welocme to the forum, have a great stay! Cute pics :)
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    R.I.P. Mickey

    Yesterday my dog went to the vet cuz he was sick and he wasn pretty old and the vet gave him a shot and he went to sleep, R.I.P. Mickey Danielle:(
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    Fav breed of cat?

    I like russian blues and american curl... sorry i dont have pics
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    How did you find Chazhound?

    LOL:D :p
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    How did you find Chazhound?

    aivzdog told me to join!! Thank you aivzdog!!!!!!
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    My Rat, Henry.

    He is adorable!!!!!!:) :cool: :D
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    Misty and Frisco

    How cute!!!!! Dont waNt to get off topic but everyone has those eggs in their sigs!! Very cute cat pics~!!!!!!!!!
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    Tatoo ideas

    I seriosly dunno cuz I dont like tatoos
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    Whats wrong with Mickey?

    I Dont Think Its Cuz Of That, He Is A Poodle, Age 12 Or 13
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    Whats wrong with Mickey?

    My dog Mickey looses his balance easily, what wrong? PLEASE HELP danielle
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    Fav breed pics!

    I like poodles and Cocker spaniels. I am sorry but I dont have any pictures of those breeds!!
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    Funny Dog Pics!

    hahaha, how cute!!
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    Hello from Poland

    Cute dogs:) Welocme to the forum!!!!!
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    Welocme to CHazhound!!!! Have a great stay!!!!