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    6 wk old puppy mauls 2 mo baby? This has to be a misprint

    That's terrible. I feel bad for the poor puppy, he had a whole life ahead of him. :< The baby too. "Finally, somewhere to comment about this most heinous of stories. Animals do not belong inside dwellings that human beings inhabit, unless, of course, one believes that animals equal human...
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    Thanks everyone! I don't think so. From what I know, they keep their same masks from when their puppies, unlike a German Shepherd etc. The dark spots under her eyes will probably lighten up as she ages, but she'll probably have one similiar to this:
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    Lizzie, Blaze and Jake!

    OooO. O_o so pretty. I love the last one.
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    The girls..

    Aw! So adorable!
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    lol, Thank you!
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    newbie here

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    THE END :)
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    I finally got her yesterday. I walked her to a lake down the street and took pictures, as promised. ;) There were some little kids that had gone down there, and they were playing with her, but the youngest one kept scaring her and being rough despite all the times I told her "be gentle, she's...
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    At what age

    Yeah, luckily. Though I had a couple scares. lol, Its akward talking to my parents about it, although they pretty much know everything that goes/went on (my mom somehow finds out everything). She tries to bring it up, but I either stay quiet or change the subject, though all she really says is...
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    New Collie pictures

    More pictures! Gah, they are so pretty. :rolleyes:
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    Selling a puppy at 3 weeks?

    No, he definetly said when they are 4 weeks. He already let a few of them go already. I believe he said he only has 3 left. Im going to contact my HS tomorrow.
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    Dog-A-Thon Pics! *dogs*

    OMG such a pretty husky! :yikes: Looked like fun!
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    The official Chloe picture thread

    Aw, so cute!
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    Good diet for a husky?

    Im getting my baby tomorrow, and Im not sure what the breeder has her on (will find out tomorrow), but Im pretty sure I'll end up changing it. My only question is what is a good diet for a Sibe, particularly an 8 week old puppy? Ive read alot on it, but its a little confusing and I thought I'd...
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    New here

    lol, People often mispell my name that way. Either with the A or like "Candance". How they get that out of CANDICE beats me. :rolleyes:
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    Disgusting or just me?

    Oh! I ran into something like this a year ago, only it was someone trading a german shepherd for birds. I dont know, honestly its sort of like trading a dog for money. Maybe, like someone said before, the dog is just too much work. Especially it being a siberian husky, a very difficult breed...