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  1. Gsd_pitboxer

    443 Alder st. E Dunnville , Ont , CA n1a 1e4 MITCH BUTLER . :)

    443 Alder st. E Dunnville , Ont , CA n1a 1e4 MITCH BUTLER . :)
  2. Gsd_pitboxer

    thx u for the card , i went to send the packages and it will cost , 350 . 50 , to send out 20...

    thx u for the card , i went to send the packages and it will cost , 350 . 50 , to send out 20 boxes:( may not b able to do it
  3. Gsd_pitboxer

    Anyone else still up looking for the Lenoid meteor shower?

    ontario as well ? i seen nothing.
  4. Gsd_pitboxer

    Puppy!!! :WOOT:

    Very good looking pup! Looks like it has a GREAT home . Glad to seE:)
  5. Gsd_pitboxer

    Husky mix NEEDS a home.

    Well , im in Ontario , canada . Very close to hamilton . Or St.Catharines.
  6. Gsd_pitboxer

    Husky mix NEEDS a home.

    Where is it from ? .. we have a very loving home for it.
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    Do you think u can make good money making a dog bording place , that can groom and stuff?
  8. Gsd_pitboxer

    Best Friends

    Yep . its been improving alot .. Very nice to see. I knew thats what it was , And had to give it time . Just thought it was kinda funny .. I just never seen a new pup be that VISIOUS . Now she's the happiest loving pup
  9. Gsd_pitboxer

    Your Dogs !

    You posted wrong . did you get the IMG code ? from photobucket?
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    German Shepherd Info

    Sounds good ! thank you Dober . There is a ladie down the road i talked to yesterday , she has 4 dogs , a golden retreiver , a BC , a white GSD and a pug . All of them walk without a leash , right in order in front of these people . With the White GSD behind them . I asked her if she took hers...
  11. Gsd_pitboxer

    German Shepherd Info

    Yes , i did . The one book is just called , German shepherds ( popular dog series ) But really , it doesn't tell you much.
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    Great! you should go to niagara falls sometime , im very close and its beautiful . But , i'd love to meet your little guys , and your self of course!
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    Where abouts in u.s ? I would love to meet your dogs especially . Who do you have now? all 3?
  14. Gsd_pitboxer

    Color/type and temperament?

    My friend has a family dog . And i like to go meet new dogs , so i went to meet there chocolate lap , But very dark coloured . It was honestly, one of the smartest dogs i've seen . They had it so well trained just to - sit , stay , come , speak , crawl . AMAZING i thought . Especially because...
  15. Gsd_pitboxer

    Best Friends

    So i brough the GSD pup home that i currently just got about a week ago , that night , it must have felt surrounded and closed in . It was snapping at both of our dogs , ( my boxer , my moms cockapoo ) and it was biting , trying to get blood i think . Holly was trying to play back thinking...
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    No one?
  17. Gsd_pitboxer


    We are all here for you !
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    I would love to meet some of your little guys! I live in the Hamilton area , Ontario , Canada . If anyone is close and interested :) I have Holly - Boxer/ American Bulldog Cross - recent picture. And i also have Bandit ( 13 weeks old ) - Recent picture .
  19. Gsd_pitboxer

    One nice Dog

    Thats wat i was thinking , my mom has a cock-a-poo , and thats her treat for him as well . I never knew holly would react this way . No packaging. Just string .