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  1. Shadow101

    Newbie Here...

    Welcome to Chaz! I hope you like it here!!:)
  2. Shadow101

    Just joined

    Welcome Welcome to Chaz,hope you like it here!:D
  3. Shadow101

    6 wk old puppy mauls 2 mo baby? This has to be a misprint

    "when the puppy apparently ripped out a portion of the child's abdomen" and I dont really no much about how hard puppies can bite and stuff like that but I'm just so confused as to how a puppy could have done any of this.*shakes head* this story just doesn't make sense
  4. Shadow101

    6 wk old puppy mauls 2 mo baby? This has to be a misprint

    "unattended for possibly as long as an hour and a half before his body was discovered." Ok,i'm confused.....
  5. Shadow101

    Lady clones five pups from her pit bull.

    Ok,u spend all this money to clone your dog and then the puppy is way different.Whats the point!? I mean I could have saved a dog from a shelter and besides I think it would be an insult to your dogs memory if you clone him.Death is a part of life.
  6. Shadow101

    I finally got a little one!!!!

    Thats great:D!!!
  7. Shadow101

    Cop aims for dog, shoots teen

    Exactly what I was thinking:rolleyes:................
  8. Shadow101

    Graphic and Mature Material

    I am one of the younger people here and to tell you the truth I dont mind it. I have seen it before and in the future I hope to stop it but I do agree,before the link tell us that it is a little messy becuase for new member they might not have seen anything like it.
  9. Shadow101

    Hello All!

    hello and welcome! I must say what a cute puppy! I'm not sure what he is but whatever he is, hes cute! Hope you like it here=)
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    Hi and welcome to chaz i would love to see pics of the horses!:)
  11. Shadow101

    Keep One, Change One

    nuclear bomb
  12. Shadow101

    Newbie... not to dogs though...

    Welcome to Chaz!!
  13. Shadow101

    new pet ideas?

    I have had hermit crabs and yes, they are alot of work but fun. I have also had a betta fish and their good. Their easy to care and clean but fun cuz you can watch them swim around,lol.
  14. Shadow101

    New to forum... with new puppy

    Welcome to Chaz!!! Dont forget the pics but i hope u like it here
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    People and their Dogs

    Alright, I have neighbors with a dog, maybe a spaniel mix. Now they have kids maybe 6yrs okd and they have a 9yr old too. Now they leave there dog out all the time. Wind, rain,snow,ice the dog is there. He is chained and has a dog house but yesterday i saw the kids walking the dog up the street...
  16. Shadow101

    Great Danes

    Thanks guys i just LOVE danes i wish i had one but i cant get a dog right now so i must watch and wait.. but rlly thanks for all the info!:)
  17. Shadow101

    Unchain the dogs of New York State!

    Very good point! On an other note, i have a nieghbor that always leaves there dogs outside on a chain with a dog house, food and water. But they never seem to go outside and play with the dog or ever take it in. So i agree that a chain is great if used correctly.
  18. Shadow101


    lol! I started with the two meals a day. She will get plenty of exercise and lots of play. Day 1 has started!