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    Vote for my pic please!

    Vote Here: And this is the pic Ive entered!
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    We played "DRESS UP"

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    Professional pics done

    My niece is an asspirering photographer and she is working on her portfolio, she did thes for me for free!! ROSCO MINI
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    YAY I made a siggie, but I also have a question!

    Great Pics and I love the siggy!! I have animation shop and Corel Paint shop pro. my siggy is animated with four pics of my dogs. would you like something like that?
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    Need prayers for my son

    Prayers and good wishes are coming your way from all of us here in Missouri!!
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    New guy and dogs

    absolutely gorgeous!! I love those faces!! and welcome to all of you!!!
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    Just have to share this pic

    gorgeous babies!!!
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    Peanut is a year old!

    Happy Birthday peanut!! what a handsome fellow you are!!
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    Heres some pics!

    She is chocolate & Rust sweetie. Which are very common. The solid color ones are reds or stag reds. I love the minpin breed!! Thank you all for the comments!!
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    Heres some pics!

    This is Rosco. He is collie/basset mix. we rescued him 13 years ago. This is Mini. She is choc/rust MinPin. She is almost 5 years old and seem to be the boss lady!! And the there is baby JJ he 4 months and definately full of spit and vinegar. he is a blk/tan minpin.
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    RIP Teeny Weeny

    Just Know Momma Misses you so badly. You are truly a little angel and I cherish every moment I had with you!!
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    Memorial to the Chazzers Dogs...

    Just Beautiful!!
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    Some of you may remember me. I havnt been on here in a long time!! I am Kat Mom to Mini Rosco and Teeny. Well I have had a really hard time this year. Lots has Happened and to top it all off my Little Teeny Passed away 1 month ago. If you do remember Teeny was a very sick little dog when I got...
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    People at petsmart, thankfully I have a Fila

    Good boy Brutus, give him an extra cookie from me!!!!
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    Found the solution!!

    Well I got the girl's stroller in today! They love it. We walked around the block, Twice and rolled all over the yard and played in the house with it. We got home and Mini is sleepin on the couch and Teeny is actually still in it sleeping away!! Rosco tried hiking the ole leg on it as soon as we...
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    Breathing treatments

    we got the smallest mask and it still swallows her face!! She is a trooper though.
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    Breathing treatments