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  1. gapeach


    Beautiful girl. Love the group shot:)
  2. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    In your "it won't happen again"pic he looks very sorry, even like he might cry.
  3. gapeach

    Cuteness Overload....squeeeee!

    You have been warned, click at your own risk;)
  4. gapeach

    Threw my hat into the foster ring. The Governor.

    He is freaking adorable!!! Dare I he named after The Walking Dead character?:D
  5. gapeach

    Adorable Naughty dogs

    I know I giggled a lot going through them. And I can only imagine the smell in the house of that puppy who pooped in the vent!!
  6. gapeach

    Adorable Naughty dogs Great start to a Monday.
  7. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    That's so sweet he wants to play with them! Love the pic of Ressie on the stool. Zoey was finally granted ownership of a little stuffed Penguin that Cadie earned from school. Yesterday she carried it all over the house, chirping and chewing it. This morning she murdered it.....I will have to...
  8. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    He is so gorgeous. He should be a model:D
  9. gapeach

    Pepper has her perfect match

    That is so sweet:)
  10. gapeach

    Advice needed/ home aggression

    Gracie gets along with other dogs (as long as they don't jump on her) outside our home. My mom's puppy she has a HUGE amount of patience with. Turning her head from side to side, accepting licks. Only getting aggravated with her when she constantly jumps on her. Even then she warning growls or...
  11. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    Sancho sure takes a handsome picture. I bet the Prince isn't far
  12. gapeach

    The Naughtiest Ferret To Ever Naughty...

    Awww, very cute. In the last one she's sticking out her tounge "Nanner Nanner" she says!
  13. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    Cuteness overload! That is SOOOO sweet.
  14. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    Awww. Ressie is trying. Zoey also wants Gracie to like her but so far tolerating and an occasional play around is all we've managed.
  15. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    That is so funny! Must be a kitten thing because Zoey has no clue when Gracie growls she wants her to go away. Most of the time we move Zoey when it happens. But we've noticed a couple times when we don't ....Gracie gets fed up with complaining and just relocates herself.
  16. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    Too much! He is getting so big, how old is he now? Zoey will probably be going in for her spay very soon, I'm getting nervous.
  17. gapeach

    Pets before and years after adoptions

    I think they are beautiful, the last one did make me teary. But love to see these, when my facebook is piled up with pets that need homes....these make me hope again.
  18. gapeach

    Pets before and years after adoptions
  19. gapeach

    The Venting Thread

    I have been trying to help rehome a bulldog mix. My friend rescued her from the shelter after she had babies. (My friend couldn't keep her but wasn't willing to let her die,there was 0 interest) She has been rehomed and returned TWICE. The first family said she chased the horses and the 2nd...
  20. gapeach

    Hyia is learning

    LOL! Such a silly boy. Never a dull moment.