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  1. AdrianneIsabel

    Malinois. Everywhere.

    So, it's been forever since I've popped in here but I figured I'd share a few photos of my kids. Meet the new kid. We picked him up this weekend, Chili Brigades Brover. (I haven't used Flickr for a bit so giant FB is what you get!) He's out of Ayla (Backups mom) and Mauno, an...
  2. AdrianneIsabel

    Sloany update

    Thanks for looking! :)
  3. AdrianneIsabel

    Sloany update

    Sloany is doing well, she's as cute as ever. :) As always, the things she lives for...
  4. AdrianneIsabel

    Contacting Dog's Past Home?

    I wish I could tell Shamoos previous family how well she's doing. I know her owner died/couldn't care for Moo anymore but someone else may have loved her and would love to know. Do it.
  5. AdrianneIsabel

    Hey! Remember this little brown dog??

    Well... I just realized I haven't posted anything here forever. Which cost me a visit with Brynne + Onyx and Grace but even more so... heres an update. Phelan is now 9 months old and doing very well. He's learning to swim We had some fun in the snowy winter...
  6. AdrianneIsabel

    What are you currently feeding?

    Phelan eats raw. The girls eat TOTW. They get solid gold seameal as a supplement. Amounts vary.
  7. AdrianneIsabel

    Future breeds?

    Malinois. Yup.
  8. AdrianneIsabel

    The Venting Thread

    What are you doing?
  9. AdrianneIsabel

    German Shepherd Breeders- west coast

    Yes, but you spoke of breeds not being what they once were and how that coincides with them being pets today. My breed is not a pet breed. It should not be and I would be equally upset if someone was encouraging pet breeding of my breed. There are many breeds that aren't good pets and to breed...
  10. AdrianneIsabel

    I stink at training pivoting

    Oh Tulah, the cutest pivots ever.
  11. AdrianneIsabel

    German Shepherd Breeders- west coast

    Personally I think we should breed ovtcharkas without guardian behaviors because looks are really the only important thing. I want my dog to look cool and act like a couch pillow. :D
  12. AdrianneIsabel

    Why did you alter your dog?

    My intact male tried marking in the arena at work once. Once followed by holy hell fires of a raving furious mommy. That's as annoying male as he gets. Angry mommy goes a long way for an R+ puppy... lol
  13. AdrianneIsabel

    Why did you alter your dog?

    Shamoo was adopted spayed. I think they were done breeding her and spayed her. Sloan is intact and will remain so until we decide to breed her or not. The decision will likely be made 7-9, at that point we'll likely consider OSS. Phelan is intact and I don't have any plans to alter him.
  14. AdrianneIsabel

    The dog musing/vent thread

    It's spelled Malinois, silly Karen.
  15. AdrianneIsabel


    I have nothing on SAR but I train IPO tracking, scent articles, hidden item finds(where airscenting is involved), and directional retrieves. It is about context for my dogs. I have run into issues with SAR and bitework (when we were interested) but HRD did not take an issue with bitework from...
  16. AdrianneIsabel

    Bitesports (Ringsports and IPO)

    LOL We'd love to have you. I don't suppose airlines are accepting homemade goods these days in exchange for airfare, are they?
  17. AdrianneIsabel

    Bitesports (Ringsports and IPO)

    I really like our helper but I was speaking in general, that's the hardest. :)
  18. AdrianneIsabel

    The Venting Thread

    Over it. I'm so tired of money, work, and dog issues. On top of it all a previous foster of mine died, HBC. :/ When do things turn around? Really?