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  1. george656

    Has anybody noticed a few new members posting spam that is not in english?

    Has anybody noticed a few new members posting spam that is not in english? It is getting very annoying.
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    RIP Bruno and Chico!

    On Tuesday, Mom and dad took Chico to the vet to have tests taken on two lumps on his leg. Well on Friday, the vet called and mom and dad went to the vet for the results. He had stage 2 cancer. So today, we put both Bruno and Chico to sleep. Bruno was deaf, going blind, and had trouble jumping...
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    What breeds are these two dogs?

    Thank you very much for you response. I thought the brindled dog was a Presa Canario. I thought wrong. I knew the other dog was pitbull.
  4. george656

    What breeds are these two dogs?
  5. george656

    Small Dogs or Big Dogs for Your Family

    I agree. I have grown up with small dogs all my life because I am disabled and have balance problems. Large dogs don't fit our lifestyle.
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    Do any other breeds "talk"?

    Bruno is not a talker like Chico is but likes to bark a lot. He barks at everything and sometimes he does not know what he is barking at. :rofl1:
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    Do any other breeds "talk"?

    Usually almost every afternoon or every night Chico will have a conversation with mom and dad. He barks and arroos.Mom is usually the one that gets Chico talking. Bruno usually is quiet.
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    Please Read!

    Oh okay. I kind of of thought so too.
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    Please Read!

    I found this article while searching the internet.
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    Bull Terrier?

    Their weight seems to vary a lot. Even though their average weigh is between 45 to 50 pounds. But I have seen a few on youtube that weigh around 60 pounds.
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    Bull Terrier?

    From what I have read on a few sites is that Bull Terriers are affectionate and love to snuggle and cuddle which is a good thing I also like the fact they love to talk and make funny noises. On the downside is that they can be destructive if not given a lot of physical exercise and mental...
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    Here are some photos of my Step-sister's new dog named Charlie. He is a Great Dane/Bulldog mix. He is almost a year old.
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    Hey Dekka,do your whippets like to cuddle? How big are they? I am really interested in this breed because I read that they are high energy (in short bursts) outdoors and calm, gentle and quiet indoors which is what I want in a dog since I have Spina Bifida and have balance problems due to my...
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    Dogs and Chickens??

    We have have two dogs and chickens. My dad loves chickens. Chico has killed a few baby chicks these last 4 years. He makes a big stink when dad is in the chicken pen. He likes to argue with the rooster and tries to reach in through the fence with his one paw to steal some cabbage. The rooster...
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    The Eurasier actually has Chow Chow, Wolfspitz and Samoyed in it's blood.
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    What could be wrong with Bruno?

    Today our dog Bruno who is 9 years old has not been himself. He is quiet, walks slowly, has trouble getting up and the one step from the kitchen to the hallway and would not jump on my bed like he normally does. Dad felt Bruno's back legs and he started whining. Dad thinks he might have a pulled...
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    Morrie, Tinky and Psyche

    Very cute pictures. What breed is Tinky?
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    Very Sickening Video!

    YouTube - Victory: Bolivia Ends Training Exercises on Dogs
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    Most aggressive breed title goes to....

    Our neighbors beside us own a male cocker spaniel named Gasper and he is a very well behaved dog. The only thing that annoys me about him that he is very yappy.
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    Absolutely terrible.

    That is just awful. He should be in jail for life instead of 8 months. Or better yet he should be hit with a baseball bat a few times so he knows what it feels like to have been that dog who he killed.