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  1. Bruschnazzy

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I'm trying to be good and NOT add a puppy until 2017, when I'll be adding possibly more than one ... :hail:
  2. Bruschnazzy

    What happened?

    Same with Beanie (and I now know others); I have not been able to get the forum to load when I try to come here for a couple weeks. Then I finally tried again yesterday, and now today, and have been able to. Before I just kept getting the page mentioning I could not connect to the server (even...
  3. Bruschnazzy

    Sheena passed away yesterday

    Oh wow, sorry to hear this news.
  4. Bruschnazzy

    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    My dogs wake up when I wake up and go to bed when I go to bed.
  5. Bruschnazzy

    Let's Be Controversial

    I will never call my dogs Miniature American Shepherds. They will always be Miniature Australian Shepherds. To myself (and breeders of both, for that matter), they are not the same breed. Each is breeding for different things now. I love crossbreeds and I don't care if you breed them. Breed...
  6. Bruschnazzy

    Introducing my Tervuren pup

    Gosh, they are so fuzzy and adorable young - then get so fluffy and beautiful as they mature. :D
  7. Bruschnazzy

    Meet Lizzy!

    She is beautiful; can tell she's learning how to be a spoiled house dog already. :lol-sign:
  8. Bruschnazzy

    Trucker's Thread

    I see the images. :confused: He's just handsome; have to love a good Hound. :D
  9. Bruschnazzy

    how Vic is going to winter over

    I am right there with him. I'd bring my blankets around town and to work with me too if I could. Got very cold here now.... :o
  10. Bruschnazzy

    Naughty little CeCe

    It's going to take a lot to make me believe she is naughty. :rofl1:
  11. Bruschnazzy

    Hiking with Brooks

    He is so handsome; and I'm jealous of that land. I am having such trouble finding a large area to let my boys run free - we have some woods, but been too active with people for us lately. So usually go very early. :p
  12. Bruschnazzy

    Hello from CeCe

    She's way too cute - do you groom her yourself?
  13. Bruschnazzy

    The Poodle Pop-in

    They are just adorable; my Poodle want is always so strong. :hail:
  14. Bruschnazzy

    Our Two Brindle Mutts

    Both are such nice looking dogs; I don't know too many brindle dogs myself. Even at our dog park, we have a couple regulars who come - but otherwise don't see them too often.
  15. Bruschnazzy

    Let's See Your Dogs in the Snow!

    Little Foot after catching snow: Chomper & Little Foot playing: Petrie hates winter so this is how he usually looks somewhere in the yard...:
  16. Bruschnazzy

    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    These picture are all amaaaaaaazing. :hail: Just have to love Siege with that nice, dark color - for sure my favorite for the breed.
  17. Bruschnazzy

    New Year, New Dog

    They are both adorable. Glad things worked out where you got to adopt her. :D
  18. Bruschnazzy

    The little terror

    Ooooh, he is super cute. :hail:
  19. Bruschnazzy

    Boo and an aussie friend

    Wow, I didn't know Boo was that old. :eek: For sure a nice pair of girls ... and sounds like most old ladies I seem to have to deal with at my work, lol. Except probably nicer.... :o
  20. Bruschnazzy

    Ressie soaks up his solar energy

    Goodness, is he as big as he looks? :lol-sign: Very beautiful, for sure need myself a long-haired kitty one day. For now my short-haired grumpy cat will do though. :D