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    To cute

    I was cleaning the house and found this lol
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    Fishing And Killing videos

    Thanks glad everyone enjoyed them. Yea for 2 days we had no power that was the only way to keep them cool They have never spent so much time outside.
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    Fishing And Killing videos

    Well thats fishing for carrots & Killing the Water from the hose lol We had no power for 2 days & 106 degree weather so i had the boys in water for 2 days. This $10 pool was the best $10 i ever spent I threw Some Carrots and blueberries to get them interested by the end of the day Austin was...
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    Need camera help

    I would not go for any other brands besides Nikon or Canon. And i agree cheaper body better lens is the way to go.
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    Elvis is in the Building/Beach? lol

    Went to a Elvis concert tonight got to try out my new lens! Not bad Im still getting use to the settings With it Its not as good in low light as my 35mm So i had to jack up the iso Til i get the settings perfect. 6/19/11 by Lenora Marie Photography, on Flickr 6/19/11 by Lenora Marie...
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    Anyone interested in a Nikon camera lens?

    I LOVE my 35mm I Use it 99% of the time its very sharp & crisp. I just got a Sigma 18mm - 250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS Really good lens Still learning How to use it.
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    Anyone interested in a Nikon camera lens?

    I've sold some of my lens for Only about $20-50 Less then i paid If its in Great condition Theres no need to Get alot less for it.
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    Im in Ny To Just seeing if you were close by! Im in staten island tho

    Im in Ny To Just seeing if you were close by! Im in staten island tho
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    Hey Where in NY are you?

    Hey Where in NY are you?
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    Older dogs with a puppy.

    My Guys are the same way There is no way it would be smooth if i brought a adult in the house.
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    Older dogs with a puppy.

    Yea they are all good with puppies. Your right i have to make sure i dont let them get away with stuff they are normally not allowed to do. Oh no more playing lol its like wrestle mania already in my house lol
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    Older dogs with a puppy.

    I gotta admit im alittle nervous about bringing the puppy home. My boys are 6-7-9 Years old Im not worried about them liking him Because they dont care. They just blend so well together i dont want to throw that off by adding a baby.
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    Puppy Name HELP!

    Wow Noah Is in the lead!! Everyone has the same idea as me I like that its not that popular.
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    Emma is Pink

    Austin has been blue & orange lol I love her pink tho lol
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    Puppy Name HELP!

    That was the plan But im ordering the boys new tags and wanted to get him one too lol
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    Puppy Name HELP!

    So we are adding Puppy #4 & final Very soon & want your opinions on the 2 names we picked out. I was sooo sure i wanted 1 name until someone brought up the other. So we have Bailey (not sure on spelling yet) & Noah. & No puppy details til He's here Dont want to Jinx it lol
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    Letting them fight it out?

    This is what we do.
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    What's the largest number of dogs you've had?

    3 right now I would love to add a 4th. There little tho so i really dont count it as a lot they barely equal 1 med size dog.