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  1. skKi

    Duck toller, anyone?

    Ahhhh thanks everyone. :) Yeaaahh that would be Pit's jam. So much woe. Very rough life. To some degree. Nbc0 posted that one of hers which got reaaaally high praises from the interwebs, and she's bummed that no one really sees my stuff ever as she really likes my pictures, so this is my...
  2. skKi

    Duck toller, anyone?

    His name is Pit, but he goes by many, many other names! Thank yooou, I'm glad you peep on my photos; that's what they're there for! :p Puppy is still in the works, probably December-ish time? We are waiting for the female to go into heat, then it's puppy time. So nervous!
  3. skKi

    Duck toller, anyone?

    HELLO! Good news, I still exist! *a thundering "who are you?" resonates through the forum* Anyhow, I'm trying my hardest to get back into taking photos of dogs after a long, long time of no motivation, inspiration, or whatever the heck it is that makes me pick up my camera and push that...
  4. skKi

    Huge Photo Update (Malinois galore & Trent)

    OH MY. Some of these shots are downright heavenly! Great use of depth of field. Like candy for my eyes.
  5. skKi

    my dog caricatures and paintings! :D

    COOL! Very cool, I love this.
  6. skKi

    Winter shots

    Swoon x 10
  7. skKi

    Introducing Siege!!

    Hooray! Contrasts! I'm so happy it's working out well with the two dog household thing. Now I will await these walk photos :p
  8. skKi

    1 Picture that represents your dog and why.

    <a href="[email protected]/6278400948" title="Pawtumn by sk Ki, on Flickr"><img src="" width="333" height="500" alt="Pawtumn"></a> Subtitle: "Don't." Pit is generally unimpressed, loungy, and just prefers...
  9. skKi

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    It's good to be back! I can be an elusive one sometimes. I'm thinking that with a new puppy coming, I won't be taking off again anytime soon. Yes! Yeeesss! Yaaasss! None yet, I'll probably find out a bit closer to when I'm going to be getting one. I'm dying to know, though...
  10. skKi

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    It seems so far away, but I'll likely be getting an ANCD in late 2015 or early 2016. I think that disqualifies me from this thread. :p
  11. skKi

    Worst shedding dog/breed you've had

    Beners! Ugh. Black hair, everywhere, always. Worse than the Samoyed, FAR worse than the Toller and the Aussie mutt. I suppose with daily brushing it wouldn't be so bad, but ehhhhh. So much shedding.
  12. skKi

    Weird things your dog is afraid of

    Pit's afraid of me sneezing. Only me. Like dramatically afraid. I can clear him out of any room or vicinity in a split second by simply making that pre-sneeze face. And cords, or things that resemble cords. If you circle him with a cord on the floor, it's about as effective at containing him...
  13. skKi

    Can your dogs do daycare/group play/dog park?

    Ha ha, I work at a dog daycare and Pit can't even go. He hates it so much and gets so cranky if I put him in the mix. Too much commotion. He likes dog parks when there are maybe 1 or 2 other dogs, but for the most part that's not really his jam either. 95% of the time if we try a play group, he...
  14. skKi

    Do you like to travel with your dogs?

    I love travelling with Pit! He's so good everywhere I go. He's good in the car for hours and hours, great at getting settled in any type of arrangements I've booked to stay in, he enjoys exploring new cities and trails everywhere with me and takes it all in stride. We just went on a trip to...
  15. skKi

    Are your dogs allowed on the furniture?

    No-no-no-no. Too much dog, too much shed, too small stuff. They have a chair strictly for them and it's an awful mess despite having a washable cover. I can't imagine having ALL my furniture smell that way. Gotta figure, these guys stroll around in pee/poo grass, bomb around in the muddy...
  16. skKi

    Do you actually call your dog by it's name?

    Pit is definitely Chu or Tsu always, unless someone asks me what his name is. Chu is the "formal" name I use for getting him to listen, Tsu is for tha sillies and usually comes out like "TSZEEUUU!!" I don't know the last time I've addressed him as Pit. Navi is some variation of her name said...
  17. skKi

    Brush for short hair?

    That equigroomer looks in-CRED-ible. I don't have any short-ish coated dogs, but I'm tempted to buy it just because. Also, the video of the woman brushing the horses is so satisfying to watch. Looks like it would work on Hank's coat.
  18. skKi

    A video! Of Cohen and her tricks!

    Absolutely incredible! Loved every second of it, then watched it all over again right after.
  19. skKi

    Will your dog walk with others?

    Pit doesn't particularly like strangers and almost never lets them touch him, but if I were to hand his leash to anyone, it is like giving them the keys to the car. He might glance back at me to make sure I no longer have the leash, then he's off with whoever has him without a fuss. This is a...
  20. skKi

    Dog related injuries

    I've been injured many times at work by dogs, most recently on a hike where a lab decided to grab a long log and attempt to run off with it as I walked by. He had a hold of it rather off centered, so it stood up and whacked me on the side of my face, much like stepping on a rake. By my OWN...