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  1. GipsyQueen

    New look

    The new look is so... weird. After 10 years of chaz, it will take some getting used to. BUT Quick Reply! Yay!
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I think Flexi leashes are great if used correctly. We use one when Zora can't go off lead, but we pretend it's not there - she needs to listen as if she were off lead. I really don't like cropping and docking. Beauces and Dobes look so much better uncropped. I think it's great that it's...
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    So I know I've mentioned this a few times - but I've never seen pictures of the inside of your house. I'M JELOUS. I'm pretty sure you live in paradise. Wanna trade? I live in a 900sf apartment in the city and have all kinds of sads that I live in the city. (This is changing this sommer...
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Laura Occupation: Project Coodinator für an organic grocery chain (I went to school for architectur) Age: 24.. almost 25 About your dog(s): Zora, 2 year old, beauceron, who regularly puts me at my whits end. ;) Interests: Dogs... obviously, Outdoors...
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    So besides dogs right? lol I love nature photography. If I could be ANYTHING in the world I would become a National Geographic photographer. ;) I make home decorations and plan on opening an etsy shop at some point, and later opening an actual store with my mom. restoring...
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    The Venting Thread

    We are all worried about terrorists being filtered in through refugees. Germany is worried, France is worried, Sweden is worried, Turkey is worried. The world is worried. And still, we as humans, are accepting other humans into our countries as refugees, because these humans need help. These...
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    The Venting Thread

    Really? These people fled terror and other humans threating their life. They probably spent months trying to get there and then you want to shoot them? What is wrong with you. Most of the terrorists are already in the USA, they were probably born in the USA - or which ever country of your...
  8. GipsyQueen

    The Venting Thread

    Then start by taking in some of your allies refuguees. America doesn't always have to help with war. Any you may have an opinion on who goes to your country. But like I said... there have been 2500 refuguees coming from Syria to the USA since the civil war started in 2011. SIRIOUSLY? THATS...
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    The Venting Thread

    You have GOT to be effing kidding me, right? The USA has barely accepted ANY refugees from Syria compared to Turkey, or Germany. My city (it's a small city) alone has more refugees living in it, than the USA has taken in as a country. These people - humans, just like you, me and everyone else...
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    None. :( Because no one else lives in Germany. Next time I visit home - there needs to be a Rhode Island / Northeast meet up. ;)
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    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    Food in the US is SO.EXPENSIVE. :eek: The last time SO and I went out to eat, we spent 32€ (including a tip & tax) - we had both had a starter & an entree and wine. I think the total bill ran at 26€ without a tip. (Taxes and the tip is included in the price here, everyone gives extra...
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    Maintaining a professional appearance on social networking

    I have a rule where I'm not facebook friends with co-workers - and my profil is set pretty private. ;) I learned that the hard way at my last job.. not because of anything I did, but one girl I worked with completly lied about everything in her life including having Cancer and sharing pictures...
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    I have no idea what everyones complaining about ;) We're having an usually dry summer after an extremly dry spring... it hasn't really rained since March. :eek: Up until yesterday we had tempratures in the 100s :cool:
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    The Venting Thread

    Yeah - I'm pretty sure we are breaking all-time heat records here today :( There really isn't going to be much relief these next few days. :( It's been horribley dry here already all summer long - actually it hasn't REALLY rained more than one day since I dunno... March? If it continues there...
  15. GipsyQueen

    The Venting Thread

    It's so hot in Germany right now. I wish ANYONE... or ANYPLACE had air conditioning. No one has ACs here... and our apartment is horribly isulated. There is supposed to be a high of 103F tommorow. I want to melt. :o
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    Prong collars

    I'm a little late to the party - and I only read the first 3 Pages but... 1. Would you consider yourself against, or for, the use of prong collars in training (by someone who knows how to correctly use this tool)? I wouldn't call if "for" a prong, but I am not against. It NEEDS to be...
  17. GipsyQueen

    How to connect a tablet to a computer?

    Since you have an acer tablett you could try using the Acer Cloud to share files between both computers. You can download it for free as well. You can get a VGA to micro HDMI adapter as well if thats what your tablet has - that won't let you share files though. Airdroid seems to be...
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    How to connect a tablet to a computer?

    I'm honestly not entirely sure what you want to do - do you want to connect the tablet to a computer and be able to move around data, or you the screen mirroring thing? A USB cable won't let you see your tablets screen on another screen - or even let you connect the screens. The cable to...
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    Help me pick my wedding dress?

    I really like 2 and 6 - I ended up voting for 2 though, because you said it might be hot and 2 seems like it would keep you cooler without all that extra cloth :)
  20. GipsyQueen

    Songs that you would like to hear at a wedding??

    Yep, this. Our wedding will have an age span from like 2-85, so if I only played top 40s the older generation would be bored. And I KNOW my grandparents like to dance - just not top 40s because it's not their music. I would just throw in something for everyone..