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  1. KenyiGirl

    To any person who has shopped at Walmart

    No, of course it isn't, you're absolutely right. You can rest easy, I don't put my customers through anything like that. That's not my life philosophy or my customer service philosophy, otherwise yes, I would definitely be in the wrong line of work. Just something I wrote in a stupid, stressed...
  2. KenyiGirl

    To any person who has shopped at Walmart

    The word "rant" is in there for a reason. I'm here, venting about it, because these are the things that I would never say or express to a customer, or even to other people I work with. I smile to a person who scowls at me, am polite at all times, leave customers with a "have a good day!" even if...
  3. KenyiGirl

    To any person who has shopped at Walmart

    lol! What, stories? What could possibly make you think I have stories to tell? ;) :p
  4. KenyiGirl

    To any person who has shopped at Walmart

    No offense taken at all, I'm not too fond of the place myself lol. Thanks for the hugs :) I'm a supervisor, so anytime something goes wrong, I'm the first person they want to talk to >.< And oftentimes I'm telling them that I can't make it better for them, so then they're really pissed...
  5. KenyiGirl

    To any person who has shopped at Walmart

    and been rude to an employee there: SCREW You. I have had it with being glared at, insulted, and yelled at. I'm tired of the sighs, the sneers, the pissy comments. This is WALMART. You are getting EXACTLY the amount of customer service you pay for and EXACTLY the amount that I get paid to...
  6. KenyiGirl

    What song...

    I'm guilty of over-playing too! Written in the stars by Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner YouTube - ‪Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner - Written in the Stars (Official Audio)‬&rlm;
  7. KenyiGirl

    Dream Interpretation?

    Ok, let's see... a short search in says that to dream that a building collapses indicates that you are losing sight of your ambitions and goals. To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting...
  8. KenyiGirl

    No wedding is perfect...

    So what went wrong with yours? The funny, the bad, and the ugly, I want stories! :D At my wedding, which was a modest affair, we had a few "incidents". The first being that the best man, my hubby's brother in law, got sick and was infectious, so he ended up missing the entire wedding :(...
  9. KenyiGirl

    Picking "your" dog

    To be honest, all I really cared about was the size of the dog (medium-ish, nothing too big or too small) and the length of hair (short!). I didn't really think about personalities, drive, instincts, energy level, etc. We got really lucky with the pups we have. For our next dog I'll be thinking...
  10. KenyiGirl

    People of Walmart Song... HAHA

    lol I don't know why I watched that, you'd think I would get enough of seeing "interesting" customers every single day, working at Walmart!
  11. KenyiGirl

    When do you plan on getting your next dog?

    Well first I have to convince hubby that we need a third dog. Judging by past conversations, it won't be too hard, I don't think ;) I plan on the next dog being a young puppy, so I need to have the time to raise a puppy. So it will have to be after I quit my job, which won't happen till we...
  12. KenyiGirl

    What breed of dog are you?

    I'm a field spaniel :) Dogster says I'm a lab O.o
  13. KenyiGirl

    Issue with my son's school/teacher LONG.

    Oh my lord, that is CRAZY! What a psycho! I'm so sorry you and your family have to deal with this craziness :(
  14. KenyiGirl

    Ramen Noodles

    Leave them long! I like the noodles slightly undercooked, and I always have to have a big glass of milk with my ramen :)
  15. KenyiGirl

    I think I'm going to get Ada an ultrasound

    Poor girl! :( Hopefully she goes through it well and recovers quickly. Sending many vibes!
  16. KenyiGirl

    Who is your "older" crush?

    Johnny Hugh Richard David Cary
  17. KenyiGirl

    Who is your "older" crush?

    As much as I hate to say it, Sean Connery is getting too old to be crushed on anymore. And I've had a crush on him since I first saw him as James Bond, when I was like 11! :D My "older" crushes: Johnny Depp (yummy) Hugh Laurie Richard Gere (Like a fine wine) David Boreanaz (although...
  18. KenyiGirl

    $2M Michigan lottery winner defends use of food stamps

    Wow. That is a waste of taxpayer money, and is a really unfortunate case of following the letter of the law, instead of the spirit of the law :(
  19. KenyiGirl

    Lies you've told Chaz

    I haven't ever lied on Chaz, I'd be worried that someone I know IRL will one day join and then call me out on anything untruthful I had said. I'm paranoid like that! :p
  20. KenyiGirl

    It just goes to show

    I'll keep a look-out for one of those magical self-grooming shih tzus for you, k? ;) :p