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  1. joce

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Boxers across the street roam. The younger one now has a cheapo electric fence collar he runs out of occasionally( the one you plug in the house and is circular) after getting tangled in our electric fence. New neighbors have dogs but are far away I don't know what they are. I do know they...
  2. joce

    "Lifers" in No-Kill shelters.

    I don't know why a human aggressive dog can not be put down. It's a liability for the rescue and can waste years of resources. Some have multiple dogs like this. One dog that has some issues? Fine. But drives me nuts. I hate when no kill is literally taken as far as it can go. Seems so...
  3. joce

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Blitz would last till the end. He would probably take up with the local coyotes and take over the world and overthrow the zombies somehow. New world order of the dog. Everyone else would be eaten first day. There is a litte try there in the corgi brain. But the Dobe brain has to much "oh...
  4. joce

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I can't put pics up here from my phone! On the Facebook group Year of the corgi for us. Husband/We just got Preacher last month. He is a sweetie. I am not thrilled with his name (and have nothing better to offer!) but thrilled husband is doing the whole dog thing so whatever. Hopefully...
  5. joce

    How has your Dog changed in the last year?

    Truman will poop outside in the cold. My prayers were answered and that's all I asked for!!! I swear last winter was miserable. Seriously though! Other than that he had been pretty mellow from a pup. He has grown up some. More patient as far as his stays and great recall.
  6. joce

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    Love her! Your place just looks amazing!! So beautiful there!!
  7. joce

    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    The debt collection agency would just call and do the same thing and he would get a fifth of the money. Drs don't really make out. They pay out the rear for malpractice ins. You sign saying they can collect a debt or they wouldn't treat you. I'd pay him.
  8. joce

    truck repair question

    Try to find someone local that has a reliable shop. I know one here that I would trust with anyone. Gives free quotes and am comfortable sending anyone to. Wish you lived closer. But talk to people and see who they suggest and tell you to stay away from. Tow truck driver is a good start...
  9. joce

    2016 Fitness Goals

    I am going to start running . . . This summer lol! I've lost 54 lbs in the last six months so that's doable now! Going to start riding regularly again to. After my c-section I have felt breakable and I am hoping to get over that. I can somewhat feel some stomach muscles again so that's a...
  10. joce

    Intact males + females

    My last guy was not the most chattery and didn't react that much. I probably would have just fixed him if he went off his food and sat and chattered like I hear of some dogs doing. He was always out for the most part and our female would get crated when someone else could to be with her paying...
  11. joce


    I feel like work and college have overtaken my life! Horses are probably #1 (why we have the farm, tractor, spend so much money, what we base most our vacations on etc) dogs follow close behind. Four wheeling but haven't had much time to go recently. Nice to go hop on and ride...
  12. joce

    The one that got away?

    I fostered a havaneese, mr fluffy pants, we should have kept. He was so sweet. Loved my husband(they all do, jerks lol). But he was so easy to place I couldn't justify it. There was a orange- so vibrantly colored no other way to describe it I swear! What I think was a border collie...
  13. joce

    What made you get into dogs?

    I try to explain it to people and they don't get it lol! I hung out with my dogs all day! I still remember these grand adventures we went on. When we moved they made it into a giant horse/walking metro park so I can and have gone back and it's nice. But my dogs were my baby sitters I swear...
  14. joce

    What made you get into dogs?

    My parents bred labs when I was young and they were my siblings and best buddies. Kept me out of trouble! We lived in the middle of a couple hundred acres and would go on long walks and it was the best childhood. I loved those dogs. Had many more dogs after the labs passed. All special. My...
  15. joce

    End Stage Dementia: Feeding Tubes

    No tube. If he gets it he could go on for much longer. And why??? He is a DNR. I just argued this with my family about my grandpa. He is not really there. Tube just prolongs it. Let the body die like it's trying. I have had patients so confused and combative try to pull out tubes. They...
  16. joce

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My family are all dog people, maybe more than me! Cousin with border collies that works her dogs, another cousin and aunt that still foster where I quit for the most part. My aunt and uncle that host Christmas have five dogs I think and invite everyone to bring theirs. Mine are to unruly now...
  17. joce

    The Venting Thread

    Requested to join a Facebook page that's just a generic corgi for sale page people post puppies on that occasionally are health tested and what I want. Missed out on one I wanted yesterday so sent join request and I was blocked??!! Why?! It's a public page and now I can't see it to even private...
  18. joce

    The dog musing/vent thread

    So Truman finally has a recall and he poops in a minute or two vs a forty minute walk on a leash! Thank you!!!! I feel like I have my life back, so why am I planning corgi puppy?!
  19. joce

    What color is Tucker?

    If he was a cat he would be orange. I'd still call him orange and call it a day lol!
  20. joce

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    Only three lol! Husbands getting a corgi so I'll leave that off my list. And I'll always have a doberman. 1. I want a lgd. I am stuck on caucasaian mountain dogs. Someone had one when I joined here and I loved the dog. Breeder near me. My neighbors feed all the local coyotes with...