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  1. AllieMackie

    New look

    Change is never easy. ;) I like this. New owner guy, thanks for the hard work! ... now to update all my profile crap, because I stopped using the forums for a bit.
  2. AllieMackie

    Finnegan is seven.

    Seven. Pfft. What. Seven years minus seven weeks ago, this thread happened: (warning: Nilly and Grammy posts that might make people teary-eyed.) Years later I can say, publicly and truthfully that getting a border collie was... not my...
  3. AllieMackie

    Finnegan misses everyone. <3

    I just posted to the Chaz FB page and realized I haven't been here in forever. So. Hi! I purposely stopped visiting Chaz because of time constraints with online time. Just had to start picking my battles. I've been dividing my time between AlliePets and other illustrative projects for work...
  4. AllieMackie

    I'm illustrating a book!

    The Montecristo Travels to Pisa book is officially for sale in the United States on in Paperback!! Canadian and European folks have...
  5. AllieMackie

    Vanillasugar/nilly update?

    I think this is a really great idea - and was actually thinking of it last night as well - and I also think it's important to get something with long/no deadlines. It may be a very difficult thing for them to take their first trip without mommy. I'm currently working on a card design...
  6. AllieMackie


    Mine is the men's bike. Many women's bikes have that sloped frame so you can ride with dresses and, uh. I don't wear dresses to bike. I would go a bike store, but I've had too many cheap bikes fall apart on me from heavy use. Others here have had luck with cheap bikes, so it's a decision you...
  7. AllieMackie


    I have an Opus Mondano which is a simple hybrid cycle. It's a Canadian brand. It's EXACTLY what I need and love. It's sturdy and great for pavement riding. I got a rack built onto the back so I can take my small pack (shown) or my big commuter saddlebags for errands. Perfect for the bike...
  8. AllieMackie

    Flight Rising?

    What is your favorite dragon species? I want to say Coatls. But, no. More like Spirals. Favorite dragon you own? Probably a tie between Eyrion my progens' baby, because my lore has made him into the coolest tree-fae imagineable... ...and Karal, because he's virtually insane.
  9. AllieMackie

    Flight Rising?

    First new dragon in almost a year and they're surprised the site crashes. :rofl1: Love the look of the new dergs.
  10. AllieMackie

    The Venting Thread

    Are you going to school? Speak to a guidance counselor about it. They can often be a bridge between you, your parents, and a doctor/therapist. If you're not going to school, there are still many options for youth/minors to seek therapy and treatment for mental health issues. It depends on...
  11. AllieMackie

    Need Advice

    ^ Great advice!
  12. AllieMackie

    The Venting Thread

    We've all been there. Mental illness isn't "real" to a lot of people yet. Please please, try and see a professional if you can. They understand and can provide you tools to help you cope with the illness. :) It helps a lot.
  13. AllieMackie

    Need Advice

    In regards to online dating, you often chat online awhile before arranging your first date - perhaps during those chats, be honest about your concerns? You can explain politely and directly about it before worrying about the first date. If a guy bolts, he's not worth the time. :) I've used...
  14. AllieMackie

    The Venting Thread

    You're right. Root canals are no biggie though. They're pretty boring. I almost dozed off during one. :rofl1:
  15. AllieMackie

    Favorite Vacation Spots

    My favorite thus far has been Havana, Cuba. The resort part was pretty fun too, but honestly our stay in Havana was my favourite part. I want to go back and spend a week in Havana. The beauty of the architecture and the creativity and art surrounding you, and of course the friendliness of the...
  16. AllieMackie

    Do you trust people to watch your dog(s)?

    Yes. I like to travel, and I go places that I can't bring the pets. JessLough watches my pets - she's known Finn since he was brand new and she always does a great job. I have no issue leaving her with my animals. I also have a second friend whom I trust completely with the pets should...
  17. AllieMackie

    Flight Rising?

    Friends, auction house, dragon sales/trade threads on the forums, random eggs you find while gathering... tons of options. ;)
  18. AllieMackie

    The Venting Thread

    I've had several be painful for a few days. It's normal, they just drilled into a really sensitive area and the anesthesia will often keep pain away for upwards of a day. Give it a few days. If you're still experiencing pain by say, Thursday or Friday, call your dentist. My pain always goes...
  19. AllieMackie

    Flight Rising?

    I'm MarMar on FR. No hatchlings right now (been a bit busy IRL so only been doing the daily gathering and such) but I'm here to help if you guys have questions!
  20. AllieMackie

    Your Dogs and Cats

    Finn is good with cats who put up with his border collie crap. He's a bit of a chaser and sensitive to movement. But my SO of two years has two cats who don't exactly like that. So. Lots of leash time and training has gotten him much better, but who knows how far we'll get. They still hate...