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    I'm so unhappy.

    Ali, kep your head up sunshine. We all care about you even if some of us only lurk:D ((hugs)))
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    I'm so unhappy.

    Ali, kep your head up sunshine. We all care about you even if some of us only lurk:D ((hugs)))
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    Rico benes ,johns pizza amd jimmys hotdogs ,nuff said
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    did you miss me:)

    my phone is being dumb about uploading pics:(but I'll post them tomorrow evening when I have access to a computer.I'm going to get the link tto my wedding pictures or at least the ones my sister took.the puppy is very naughty and a husky mix and has reminded me how easy Dutchess is compared to...
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    did you miss me:)

    So I guess it's been a while since I posted almost 6 months:eek: so..I have gotten married:D and we got a puppy, well sort pf a puppy he is eight months old now.So how is everyone else:popcorn:
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    Our Christmas Wish (dad update as well)

    Breeze we'll keep praying for continued improvement and that he can go to rehab.((((hugs))))
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    Vibes for an open doctor appointment today?

    can you take a pee test and if it's positive take it with you? Most places will see you as an ob if you have a positive then take blood tests to make sure everything is normal.
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    I just realised how much I missed Chaz.

    OMG its blue major huggles :DDDDDD
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    Lip Treatments?

    I also say get the burts bee's
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    My Little Princess *pic*

    BTW she is turning into the prettiest little girl,but I miss the baby :(
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    My Little Princess *pic*

    We told you when you were pregnant watch she will be a girly girl :p
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    Baby Katarina Marie is HERE!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so glad everything went so well and you handled the c-section well.
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    Puppy Playtime! *picture overload*

    I'll take the little brown one k,thanx,bye
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    Need vibes and prayers

    Thank you so m,uch you guys :) PS we got the house. Now we just need to get my dad through surgery tommorow at 9 am
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    Need vibes and prayers

    My Dad is having surgery on his spine to try and help his bone desease. It will take him a couple months to recover since his bones arn't regenerating quickly enough. I hope he is well enough by June to walk/wheel me down the aisle. So if yu culd muster have a good surgery heal quickly prayers...
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    What did you do with your wedding dress?

    My dress is i my FMIL closest until 100 days from now when we get married ;)
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    Your not kidding it has been a long time. Im glad you are doing so well:)
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    please ` send prayers

    Prayers and vibes from our end too for her recovery.She is beautiful.