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    CBD for dogs?

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    CBD Oil

    Has anyone tried CBD oil or something similar such as Nutri Vet, ThunderEase, or any herbs/edible treats to calm your dog? My standard poodle has severe anxiety around people he does not know. Whenever I take him out in public he is constantly afraid of people, noises, and will tuck his tail...
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    Dog health question

    So a couple of days ago my dog wasn't really acting like himself. He was quiet and calm. He ended up pooping in the family room, his "go-to" spot to bark at people through the windows. He's never done that before, so we thought that was weird. Tried taking him out a bit more, but we got 9" of...
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    Artificial Dog Turf vs Real living Grass?

    I'm considering getting artificial turf for around my house instead of real grass. They seem to have special ones designed for dog use & such...? Do any of you use them? & If so what are your thoughts? I like the fact that it : Keeps the water bill lower. Don't need to mow the lawn or use...
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    CBD for dogs?

    Hi, I was looking into CBD Oil for my Senior dog and was wondering will it help with cataracts or glaucoma and whether it would help prevent illness or disease. I know Shop CBD use for dogs is still relatively new but is there anyone that has used it for their dog for a while now with good...
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    Ferret Sweater!

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    Ferret Sweater!

    Hey! So for a while I’ve been considering getting a pair of ferrets, and now I’m in a place where I can financially and spatially care for them. I do have some questions though. Any responses would be appreciated:) I have no interest in forcing them in a cage, and I would like to have the free...