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  1. RD

    Euthanizing A Dog That Bites

    One of my childhood dogs was euthanized due to aggressive behavior that my family didn't know how to control. He was a very large, dangerous dog with some feral or wolfy lineage and my parents and the vet decided that he wasn't safe to keep (we lived on a remote cattle ranch, it was about as...
  2. RD

    Help - Betta fish

    I never removed my fish from the tank while cleaning. I scrubbed the algae while the fish were in the tank still and never did complete water changes. Some bettas like a tiny bit of salt in their water. If everything else seems to be in order (tbh I'd be more worried about the ammonia in...
  3. RD

    Finnegan is seven.

    Oh Finn. Handsome as ever. Happy birthday!
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    More Fall Malinois & GSD

    Siege was such a perfect addition for you and Trent. I love those two. Great pictures!
  5. RD

    Smooth Border Collies.. finding a breeder in the Midwest

    BC politics are ****ing dumb and I feel dumb for having participated in them in the past. The smooth gene is pretty simple but you'll not get smooth puppies out of two rough parents, so keep that in mind when you're searching for the right litter. Even two smooths bred together (iirc) can...
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    The Venting Thread

    I am slain. I want to do this but there are no local chazzers to sit around the computer and get drunk with me.
  7. RD

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    1.) Whippet, because they're relatively quiet, short coated, athletic enough to keep up with me but an ideal energy level for me as a young adult working fulltime. I may do coursing and agility with a Whippet but honestly I think the dog would mostly be my companion. 2.) Doberman Pinscher...
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    Secret Santa?

    I'd like to participate this year.
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    I've met Skittledoo for a couple hours when she picked up baby Cricket. I'm a huge introvert. Lots of chazzers I'd love to spend face time with, but factoring in distance and my lack of social skills, I tend to stay home. :p
  10. RD

    The Venting Thread

    The medication I was given works, I am not manic in the slightest because I am too exhausted to leave my bed. I am not even at the full dose and AFTER sleeping for 14 hours, I had to sit down in the shower today because I nearly lost consciousness. Every time I stand up and walk, I get a cold...
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    The Good News thread

    They aren't hospitalizing me and the doctor I saw was able to immediately start me on medications that he thinks will help me. Also may be able to return to work with his release, so I'm feeling really light and hopeful.
  12. RD

    The Good News thread

    Finally processed for intake to get help for my mental health. This stuff is scary and I hope they don't want to hospitalize me. I went crazier than I have in a long time but as I escaped to the country, I found a little clarity and realized I'm probably not strong enough to deal with my crazy...
  13. RD

    Finnegan misses everyone. <3

    Eve misses her Twinnegan!
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    What's Your Walking Setup?

    Flat collar, convertible leather leash, leash is removed as soon as it's safe to do so as she's reliable offlead. When she was working, she wore a harness with the leather lead strapped over my shoulder, and a gentle leader on a very thin kangaroo lead which stayed looped around my wrist or...
  15. RD

    How does Your Dog do Around Fireworks?

    Awful. In the beginning, mild anxiety with the noise directly overhead, but otherwise no ****s given. As she approaches her senior years, it's honestly a real problem. Fireworks, gunshots and thunderstorms trigger a compulsive panicked digging/chewing escape type behavior that has become...
  16. RD

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Fireworks have started already and every year, Eve stresses more about noises. This summer has been nothing but thunderstorms and now with Murica Day coming up I am at the end of my rope. I wish I didn't have throw money I don't have at vets to get xanax for her, because at this point the only...
  17. RD


    No guilt. I've done rescue in the form of fostering to rehab and place. With the exception of one (Wink) none of the puppies and dogs I brought through my home were suitable for me like a well bred pup from a breeder wouldve been. Pretty sure my next dog will come from a breeder, also...
  18. RD

    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    Got turned down many years ago because I'd rehomed a dog in the past. Really stung, the dog had been in foster care for over a year and frankly my situation was perfect for her. Don't think I tried to adopt through a rescue after that, but I was approved to foster.
  19. RD

    Little Monster

    I've been really out of the loop and for some reason when I saw pictures of this dog on facebook I thought he was a client's dog or a foster or something. I'M SO EXCITED THAT HE'S YOURS BECAUSE HE'S ADORABLE.
  20. RD

    Prong collars

    I've used them, not on my little dogs, but on my enormous, exuberant foster who had to stay on-leash and would still haul me off my feet (I'm six feet tall and outweighed the dog by about 60lbs) It's an aversive tool and it can have its place as a management tool for a large or powerful dog...