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  1. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Please send good vibes :(

    Healthy Hero vibes for your little guy <3
  2. Izzy's Valkyrie

    The Venting Thread

    Do your homework. Only 22.1% of the refugees are men 18-59 and some of those are even over the age to be in the military. (Not a lot of 50+ active war-fighting soldiers out there) Be educated, do not perpetuate hateful ignorance. Know...
  3. Izzy's Valkyrie

    One of our own needs help

    I'm not sure she posts much anymore but Steve's owner needs some help right now and Chaz has always been a great community when our members are in need. Blog Post: Go Fund Me:
  4. Izzy's Valkyrie

    The Good News thread

    This is great to hear! I saw your picture on facebook recently and you and Eve both look great :)
  5. Izzy's Valkyrie

    The Venting Thread

    B'Tempted by Wacoal makes your size. Macy's and Dillards often carry them. Also, there's which has a ton of sizes/styles!
  6. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    Not personally but my friend applied for a dog two weeks ago and got turned down because she wasn't 30 and hadn't owned a dog before?? I guess it was an either or, because you totally have to be 30 to figure out how to care for a dog. This is the same person who dogsits my special needs chi...
  7. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Kittens and ducklings :)

    :( That's very sad. Hopefully the survivor will be a glorious drake and beat the crap out of the raccoon later in life. LOVE the dilute calico :)
  8. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Just a hello...

    Welcome! Your dog is gorgeous, love those ice blue eyes :)
  9. Izzy's Valkyrie

    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    What you guys start making Mead, let me know. I volunteer to be a taste tester...
  10. Izzy's Valkyrie

    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    This is pretty much the coolest thread ever. :popcorn:
  11. Izzy's Valkyrie

    I need some "you can do it!"s and "it's all ok"s

    Totally fair and valid. And hey, maybe you'll never need one! Hopefully things will continue to improve.
  12. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Meet Lucy

    Glad she's all healed and enjoying life with you! The butthead teenage stage is a doozy but she'll be super fun when it's over.:)
  13. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Cute and comfy black flats?

    What kind of flats? Ballet flats or just shoes with no heel? I really like Naturalizer and Børn shoes.
  14. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Clean Poodles! And a group photo, of sorts

    Newt! <3 Love all the floofy faces :)
  15. Izzy's Valkyrie

    Your personal breed stereotypes

    Chihuahuas: Drama queen cuddle-bugs Corgis: Mouthy jerks Shitzus: Floofy balcony barkers (mostly from my apartment complex now) Bichons: Rich peoples' dogs that live forever and are spoiled into being manner-less Labs: Dumb with no sense of personal space Chessies: Dumb with no...
  16. Izzy's Valkyrie

    I need some "you can do it!"s and "it's all ok"s

    I don't think you were offensive so much as dismissive. A prong is a tool when used properly. You're basically saying you could hammer the 5 inch nail in with a claw hammer but you're determined to do it with a tiny jewelers hammer. Sure, it's possible to do it but there are better tools for the...
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    My Little Aussie Family

    These are super cool!
  18. Izzy's Valkyrie

    My Little Aussie Family

    Is Solo considered a blue merle? I never thought about how not blue some merles with heavy black tri look until just now!
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    The Venting Thread

    Just make sure to take care of yourself. I don't know what taking care of yourself means for you right now but try to think about it with a clear head. Dude who you were in a committed relationship tries to kill himself because you ended it and that's both scary and stressful as hell. I...
  20. Izzy's Valkyrie

    The Venting Thread

    I hope you know what you're doing RD, I worry about you!