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  1. LostAndConfused

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    pretty terrible, actually. My main neighbor, he owns the land all around us and rents out to different people, he has (had?) a small bulldog-y thing that teamed up with his tenants greyhound-y thing and were always loose. There was a stretch that I called them at least once a week to come get...
  2. LostAndConfused

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    maybe, but I think his downfall would be trying to befriend the zombies.
  3. LostAndConfused

    Petfinder Want Thread

    Look at it's floppy years and nubby tail!
  4. LostAndConfused

    Chicago Meet Up?

    Someone needs to arrange it! We did find a house in Ohio this week, so as long as we can sell our house in a timely manner, we might be able to make this work
  5. LostAndConfused

    Chicago Meet Up?

    Are we doing a Chicago meet up again this year? If we cross all of our fingers & toes, I might be in Ohio by that time and able to go.
  6. LostAndConfused

    Dog beds

    sounds like i need to get my sister to buy me some Costco beds. Maybe I'll make her get them for me as a "welcome home "present.
  7. LostAndConfused

    Dog beds

    I just tossed a load of fleece mats, blankets, and one of the dog bed covers into the wash. They are all looking a little worn, so time to start shopping for a new one (or two). What beds do you guys recommend? the last one I got was a Milliard Plush Canvas and it just isn't holding up as...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I like dogs. Breeder dogs, rescue dogs, intact dogs, spuetered dogs, purebred dogs, mixed breed dogs. I don't think breeders are the spawn of Satan, and I think the majority of rescues do great work. I think a lot of the dog world (none of you guys. I love you guys!) lives in their own...
  9. LostAndConfused

    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Terri Occupation: The Boss Age: not yet 30! About your dog(s): Hudson is a 3 year old english shepherd Interests: sleeping, taking pictures, making soap, drinking wine Favorite music: Currently - folk, I guess. Favorite book: umm, I'm not sure I have one. I've...
  10. LostAndConfused

    Everyone on East Coast okay from Snowzilla?

    I live in NY. NY is suppose to have snow. Want to know how much I got? About 4 flakes. Southern friends, have fun playing in the snow, but please be careful.
  11. LostAndConfused

    English shepherds - Amy and Andy

    Foxhill Farms does the annual meet ups, normally the end of Sept. I haven't been able to make any of them in the past few years (I'm in NY), because they always fall during a busy time at work. There are quite a few ES people in the NY, MA, CT area. The FB group is really a good place to...
  12. LostAndConfused

    English shepherds - Amy and Andy

    Hello and welcome! There are a few good English shepherd groups on FB, if you would be interested, including one specifically for North East ES people.
  13. LostAndConfused

    2016 Fitness Goals

    i didn't see one of these for 2016. This year, we are again trying to do the Couch to 5K (if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open). I also have a 30 or 60 day plank challenge that I'd like to do sometime in Feb - you know, once the roads are too bad to run on. I'm looking for other...
  14. LostAndConfused

    Your family + your pets

    if my husband is the last one to leave for work, or the first one home, he'll take Hudson out. that's about the extent of their interaction.
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    Your snakes are so pretty! I've always wanted snakes, but I'm not sure if they will ever be in the picture for me. I love the 3rd one!
  16. LostAndConfused


    We only have 4 hives, which is definitely more than needed for personal/family use. 2 hives is a good number, it gives you enough bees if something happens to one hive, you have another that you can split. soap making is easy! The worst part dealing with the lye, it's kind of obnoxious, but it...
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    these seem like good hobbies to have
  18. LostAndConfused


    what do you guys do as a hobby? My world mainly revolves around bees, pictures & soap. Sometimes it includes easy crocheting, but I've managed to get burned out on that one. 20140607-DSC_0777-2 by Terri Stahl, on Flickr I really want to learn to make cheese in 2016, but...
  19. LostAndConfused

    Living far from family

    We've lived about 600 miles, 9.5 hours by car, from our family since 2011. It's been hard since we are both very close to our families. After 2015, which included driving home for 2 funerals, we are doing what we can to move back.
  20. LostAndConfused

    Secret Santa Reveal

    I'm so glad you got it. I was really worried that the good ol' USPS delivered it somewhere random. Originally it was suppose to get there on Monday, but I guess it wanted to hang out in Cincinnati a little longer, lol. The box is all of Hudson's favorite squeaky toys that don't have a...