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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media '"Abby" - The Australian Shepherd'

    Abby is about seven months old here.
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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media 'I'm Naked!'

    This photo was taken at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. He or she was very impressive as were all the others.
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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media 'Got Colors?'

    Yes, I saw that. Looks like the same bird! LOL Well, thanks for looking!
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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media 'Look at Me!'

    Thank you. Yes, they are adorable!
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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media 'Snoozin''

    Anyone who wants to use this photo please Email me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to Email you the original, higher resolution photo. I only ask you give credit to the breeder and Abby of course! The breeder is Mill Creek Aussies. Her dad is...
  6. "Abby" - The Australian Shepherd

    "Abby" - The Australian Shepherd

    Turning into a real beauty!
  7. Abby - The Little Aussie

    Abby - The Little Aussie

    Australian Shepherd
  8. Abby at Six Months

    Abby at Six Months

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    Comment by 'LittleAussie' in media 'Pretty Aussie'

    Wow, thanks. I appreciate that! She is a cutie! I have been entering her into photo contests to see what happens. Ya never know!
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    question about breed characteristics

    Although certain breeds do have characteristics, which are part of their genes, I think it also depends on the dog's personality as well as proper training on how your dog is going to behave once you get it home. For instance, our dog is a pure bred Australian Shepherd and when you read about...
  11. I'm Naked!

    I'm Naked!

  12. Got Colors?

    Got Colors?

  13. Pretty Aussie

    Pretty Aussie

    Abby at 14 weeks. (Australian Shepherd)
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    Yippie! I am the first poster! Welcome!! Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Hi everyone

    Howdy!! Welcome to the forums! This is one of the best, if not the best and most used forum on the Internet for dogs. I love it! Soooo much traffic it's awesome. Anyway, I'm sure you'll find it very enjoyable and instructional. Abby says "Hi" too! :D
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    Hi everyone :D

    Welcome! It's nice to see a younger person doing something good for the community and for animals. Way to go! As far as advice on a dog this would be a personal preference for you depending on what you are looking for in a dog. Do you want something with a ton of energy or something more laid...
  17. Pile of Puppies

    Pile of Puppies

    Abby's Littermates - 7 weeks.
  18. Look at Me!

    Look at Me!

    Abby's Littermates - 7 Weeks.
  19. Take a Number!

    Take a Number!

    Abby's Littermates - 7 Weeks.
  20. I'm Listening

    I'm Listening

    Abby at 14 weeks.