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  1. Kayota

    Let's Be Controversial

    Norma you have known I'm transgender for years and still treated me decently, what the heck is your problem? I just can't believe you. What a disgusting attitude.
  2. Kayota

    When you go on vaca, who will care for your dog?

    My dogs will be staying with a neighbor the next few trips. They already know said neighbors and their dogs and I feel comfortable leaving them with them. Although the large majority of my trips are to see family and friends; when I do something for fun it's just a day trip and the dogs either...
  3. Kayota

    Something I want to do someday.

    If you insist... At the wildlife refuge (currently closed thanks to the government) Her Lupine harness, which she has chewed twice now. Gonna send it in for another replacement tomorrow... sigh. lol I've had her for almost 4 months now :) edit: lol I love how I said "after...
  4. Kayota

    Sneezy rat

    I think rat people overreact majorly to sneezing. A majority of my rats have become chronic sneezers in old age despite the vet never finding anything wrong with them.
  5. Kayota

    Something I want to do someday.

    She's a she! lol a lot of people make that mistake though. I quit the vet tech program and realized I'd be here a lot longer so I decided to get the second dog I'd been wanting, much to my dad's chagrin (he helps pay the bills.. he doesn't care that much but he does think i'm insane lol!). I was...
  6. Kayota

    Something I want to do someday.

    5 years later and it's a dream come true... meet Faxon :)
  7. Kayota

    My OWN dog.

    I'm just going to bump this up (reading all the things you guys have said) and say that Mollie is still living happily with my mom and her other Dachshund whereas Roxie (obviously) ended up being my dog and things are working out great. I live on my own now and work part time at Wal*Mart and...
  8. Kayota

    Norwegian Lundehund

    I've read a lot about their temperaments, yeah... I'm not -definitely- getting one, I was just interested. Honestly their catlike temperament sounds similar to a Shiba and I already live with a dog who isn't 100% house trained (more like 95% lol) so those things aren't that big of a deal...
  9. Kayota

    Norwegian Lundehund

    I'm not sure what I told her, I was pretty tired when I sent it so it probably didn't sound that great lol! But I just want more info really, it's hard to find info or breeder websites at all. As far as the diet, well I already feed raw so that shouldn't be hard to manage! I heard through...
  10. Kayota

    Norwegian Lundehund

    I LOVE Lundehunds and have always wanted one, and I was wondering whether you all know of any breeders. I would consider making that breed my second or third dog if I had the money for a pup. I understand they all have digestive issues to some degree but I think I would be okay with that and I...
  11. Kayota

    "Don't Pet Me"/"I'm Working" Vests?

    How about a shirt?
  12. Kayota

    Anyone else and dogs ready for fall?

    I'm super excited about classes but my poor doggie will be home alone so much :( I'm still going to try and spend time with her though ^^ Maybe I'm crazy but I want to move to Florida lol!
  13. Kayota

    Alaskan Noble Companion Dog

    I love this, love the idea, I've always wanted a wolf but obviously know better, and I really want to get my hands on one of these someday as their temperament sounds perfect for me :)
  14. Kayota

    Dachshund/Dog Aging Question.

    I had a cat and a rat who both lost hair when they were elderly... /shrug Seems like it happens sometimes in animals as well as people!
  15. Kayota

    Schutzhund Chihuahua

    That's so cool! Chihuahuas are awesome (:
  16. Kayota

    Am I the only one who forgets verbal cues?

    I remember cues well but forget hand signals!
  17. Kayota

    Dalmatian sightings, anyone?

    I've seen no more than 5 outside of the yearly local dog show in my entire life. I love them though. So pretty!
  18. Kayota

    What will your next dog be?

    A German Shepherd or a Greyhound. Rescued either way. Or a GSD or Chihuahua mix shelter dog. (or any shelter dog that fits me...) No matter what I get I'd like it to be at least a year old and preferably three or older.
  19. Kayota

    Fostering with an intact dog

    I looked into adopting a male rat a while ago and they were going to make me have it neutered. To live with other male rats. I was like whut...? Didn't work out though, but I wonder if they realized my boys are intact...
  20. Kayota

    Having a relationship with a vet...

    I can't freaking find a good vet. The one that kinda sorta knows about rats basically let my girl die because he didn't notice the HOLE in her chin after he drained an abscess. But at least he'll give a rat steroids for an ear infection... Ugh. Can't win around here. Haven't found one that can...