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  1. PennyD

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!
  2. PennyD

    Early morning panoramic--- I HAVE to print this!

    Hello! Wherever you live, I am incredibly jealous! Best, -Penny D
  3. PennyD

    Sleeping Bag Question

    That sounds like a good plan. In general, I always go for 10 under the actual conditions just to be safe and warm. Also, as long as they aren't ripped, water should not be too much of an issue unless standing water collects. If its going to be decently wet though, a bivy sack over your sleeping...
  4. PennyD

    Trip suggestions? (WA, ID, MT, ND,SD,IO,WY)

    Hello! Whatever you do: STAY OUT OF NEBRASKA! It is like purgatory. One of the widest states to drive across and contains precisely nothing. Just wanted to give you a heads up! Best, -Penny D
  5. PennyD

    PMS questions to the ladies...

    I could not agree with that sentiment more! -Penny D
  6. PennyD

    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Ahh, spoiler alert! :D
  7. PennyD

    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Hey Shark, Broad City is hilarious! I would say that it can be somewhat inconsistent from week to week. The moments of genius more than make up for that issue though. You feel the awkward and you live the strange with these ladies. Great show overall. Hannibal Burress (spelling?) is the...
  8. PennyD

    Smokers: Anybody try E-Cigs?

    It's hard to find the right one, with the right juice, with the right coils, with the right tanks, etc... Needless to say, they're high maintenance. However, once you find the right one, they can be incredibly helpful and enjoyable. Stay away from cheapies! Good luck :) -Penny D
  9. PennyD

    Where is your dream destination to travel??

    Perma-vacation in California :) -Penny D
  10. PennyD

    Oregon Coast.

    Hello! Can't say as I only have driven the California Coast but some of the pictures look somewhat similar to Central California Coastline. Either way, you can't go wrong! -Penny D
  11. PennyD

    Paranormal or Unexplained Experiences?

    I often go back and forth wondering if the strange things I've experienced over the years were just tricks on my mind or real.. Makes you wonder! -Penny D
  12. PennyD

    If you were world dictator...

    They actually just passed a law similar to that in France where all new rooftops have to have either plants or solar panels. Good stuff :) -Penny D
  13. PennyD

    Do you like where you live?

    Las Vegas is an interesting city. Love it in some respects, not so much in others. Though, I imagine every place is like that in some way.. The quality of life varies greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood.
  14. PennyD

    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Hello again! I'll keep this one brief but WOW! Better Call Saul continues to impress.. Since I last wrote, there has been an incredible amount of development. Frankly, episode six was sure to foster an incredible response given that Mike E. is a fan-favorite character. However, if...
  15. PennyD

    Ferret People -- Housing question

    This is a valid point as my ferret displays zero fear of things like fire, vacuums, large animals, etc so a heater would be concerning. When it comes down to it, I don't think Woo will intentionally touch it. However, curiosity killed the cat and could surely leave your ferret with a singed...
  16. PennyD

    Baby names!!!

    Colt and Harrison are strong names. A boy named Colt would not be messed with in school :D
  17. PennyD

    Moving from small town to big city (or vice versa)

    I would have to agree with Fran as she reiterated a very true concept. Regardless of situation, you have to find the mix that works for you. Cities are great but they do not offer the same liberties that are enjoyed in the country.
  18. PennyD

    Top Ten Rare Breeds

    I had no clue there were any Ridgeback's aside from the standard Rhodesian. Thanks for the post! -Penny D
  19. PennyD

    Norwegian Buhunds

    Hello! I've never heard of this breed before so I appreciate the post. My family is from Norway though so I naturally love them :) Thanks again, -Penny D
  20. PennyD

    What is your favorite and least favorite breed?

    Favorite: Boxer Least Favorite: Cats :D