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  1. Elrohwen

    Intact males + females

    It could be fine! I was really pleasantly surprised with how easy and low stress it was. Originally I was like "going to spay no later than 18 months! I might not even make it until the second heat!" and now I really don't have any concrete plans to spay. ETA: I will say I think it's a lot...
  2. Elrohwen

    Intact males + females

    Hazel tricked me and didn't go into standing heat until day 15. I kept thinking "wow, this is so easy! she must be almost done and everything has been so calm!" lol
  3. Elrohwen

    Intact males + females

    My experience is very limited. I have an intact male (who has been bred) and an intact female puppy who has gone through one heat. Honestly it wasn't that bad. Watson was nuts for 4 days out of the almost 4 weeks that she was spotting. During that time we used baby gates to separate them, and...
  4. Elrohwen

    Your family + your pets

    My husband really loves the dogs and does a lot of their care, but he's not interested in the training side at all. He just wants well behaved dogs to cuddle and play with. He helps out with walking them and feeding them, maybe about 1/3 of the work but if I'm not home he'll do all of their...
  5. Elrohwen

    Puppy vs adult temperament?

    I think the better you know the breed, the easier you will be able to predict adult temperament. Knowing what is middle of the road for that breed, what things to watch out for, etc will help you make good predictions. But evaluating a breed you're completely unfamiliar with, or unknown mix...
  6. Elrohwen

    What made you get into dogs?

    My family has always had dogs, and I was an animal obsessed little kid for as long as I could remember. I was always interested in trying to train the dogs, and I rode horses as well. I never got that far training our family dogs, I think because the internet wasn't really around then and I...
  7. Elrohwen

    Those with multiple dogs...

    My two play with each other all the time. One is still a puppy and the other is a puppy at heart who adores other dogs. They will both play with me, and with each other kind of at the same time. Sometimes it starts with soliciting play from me, and then the other joins in, and sometimes they...
  8. Elrohwen

    Not Sure Which Dog Breed Is Best For Me

    I would take the list you just wrote out to a shelter or rescue and let them match you with a nice adult dog. There are plenty that would fit your requirements across many breeds and mixes. A dog over 3 would be best because most young dogs are not particularly mellow.
  9. Elrohwen

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My parents love the dogs. Those dogs are their grandchildren. lol They are big dog people, but decided not to get another when the last one passed away about 10 years ago. My dogs give them their dog fix, but they can still travel do what they want without worrying about having dogs of their...
  10. Elrohwen

    So I did somethin'

    She's so cute! I'm really glad you came back to share your story, and I'm glad you had a happy ending.
  11. Elrohwen

    Eukanuba/AKC Classic...

    I saw this on my FB feed. So excited for them! I love Heart.
  12. Elrohwen

    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    I was reading an article about the topic of different lines, and they used the ESS as an example of how British and American bench dogs are actually very similar. Obviously the typical coat pattern is different, but they said otherwise the dogs were basically the same. I don't really see it ...
  13. Elrohwen

    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    Definitely English springers and English cockers. Some of it is amount of coat and color. Field bred springers are typically bred for more white, while bench bred dogs usually have a solid blanket with minimal ticking. And field bred cockers seem to often be solid black or liver, while you see...
  14. Elrohwen

    Fenzi Courses

    I signed up for Cookie Jar Games at silver and Nosework 101 at bronze initially. Then yesterday I impulsively signed up for Gun Dog at bronze. Not that I actually want to hunt with my dogs at all, but I think one might actually be good at it, and one just needs control outdoors in general, so I...
  15. Elrohwen

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    Yes! I think that's absolutely true. Though my husband calls Watson his "Pretty Princess" LOL Last night I thought about some of the males I've known who are super into pleasing their owner, and always seem to be asking "did I do it right? Oh I hope I did! how about now? is it right now?"...
  16. Elrohwen

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    Watson rarely pees on his front legs, but he can't help peeing on his belly feathers. I don't know what other long coated dog people do but it's really gross. I have to spray and wipe him down after every time he's outside. I thought about this and I don't think it applies in my case at...
  17. Elrohwen

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    My sample size is pretty limited, but what I have seen is consistent. I grew up with a male and female mini schnauzer, and I currently have a male and female Welshie. Both of the males were goofy and very sweet. Devoted to their mommas, but also easily distracted by the environment. It's...
  18. Elrohwen

    Fenzi Courses

    I signed up for Intro to Nosework at bronze with Hazel. My goal is to get her on odor and then join local classes at the intermediate level in January. The local classes start training the dog on food, but I want to go straight to odor this time around. I also signed up for Cookie Jar Games...
  19. Elrohwen

    Fenzi Engagement Class - Gold

    Yes! I've had some similar experiences! I haven't even done Engagement 100%. I started working with a private trainer on his off leash problems not using the "wait around until your dog engages" method. But it seems to have combined with engagement well somehow. I think he understands better how...
  20. Elrohwen

    Fenzi Engagement Class - Gold

    I took engagement at bronze and loved it! It really shifted my thinking a lot in some ways. Made me more patient and made me beg for his attention much less. Some of the mechanical techniques I had already started using recently after watching a Michael Ellis DVD, but if Engagement had come...