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  1. Jadex

    Gorilla Boy

    Thank you both! :D
  2. Jadex

    Gorilla Boy

    Panzer is 10 months old now! We are still doing IPO foundations and just started to learn how to track. We are also doing agility, which he is a rockstar at (keeping the jumps very low since he's still growing)! He should also have his CGC soon. We just went to a nosework seminar which was...
  3. Jadex

    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    I love reading these! Nickname/Preferred name: Jaidee or Jade Occupation: Administration/receptionist, full time student Age: 25 About your dog(s): Ryker: 2.5 yr old Redbone, Gypsy 6-7 yr old Redbone, Panzer 7 month old Beauceron. Interests: Dogs, hiking, running, camping Favorite...
  4. Jadex

    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Ryker: jerk, cuddly, funny Gypsy: sweet, crazy, piggy Panzer: playful, attentive, exuberant
  5. Jadex

    Snowy Days

    Beautiful dogs!
  6. Jadex

    Your family + your pets

    I do almost all of the caretaking and training. Sometimes Ryan will walk them with me or play with them, but he prefers just to cuddle with them. I don't remember the last time he even asked a dog to sit haha. He does drive me to conformation shows because I hate driving. The dogs are mine...
  7. Jadex

    Winter wonderland

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful place to live. I love the pictures of the snow shoveling. And omg the cuddles <3
  8. Jadex

    Spin off: have you ever adopted/kept a dog using your heart exclusively?

    Had I known what I know now I would not have gone and adopted Gypsy. I love her and I'm glad that she is with me now, but I would never want another dog like her again.
  9. Jadex

    New Year, New Dog

    Ooooooooooh congrats!!! She's beautiful! Welcome to the matching dog club ;)
  10. Jadex

    Panzer update

    I can say without hesitation that he is the perfect dog (for me). I can't think of anything that I would consider negative about him. It's super important to go to a good breeder though. I will have more beaucerons in the future.
  11. Jadex

    Panzer update

    He's friendly with strangers, but aloof and doesn't like a lot of attention. He's doesn't really like being pet by strangers. He will go up to them and allow a pet or two and then he's uninterested. He's cuddly with me and SO and likes to lay on the couch with us, but he's also content to lay...
  12. Jadex

    Panzer update

    Do you know the name of the Beauceron you met? They do get large. I expect him to be around 100lbs like his parents. All of the Beaucerons I've met have been really pleasant. I've yet to meet a 'bad' one.
  13. Jadex

    Panzer update

    Thanks! He really is amazing. He's been such a dream so far!
  14. Jadex

    Victor's Birthday

    Happy birthday! He's so handsome!
  15. Jadex

    Panzer update

    Little snood is 6 months old now!
  16. Jadex

    Goodbye my boy

    Oh, I'm so so sorry for your loss :'(
  17. Jadex

    Those with multiple dogs...

    Ryker and Panzer love to play and initiate play with each other all the time. Gypsy is a grouchy old lady and just referees on the side.
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    Aw! What a handsome boy.
  19. Jadex

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My family only really likes Panzer. My mom hates how loud the other 2 are and Ryker tweaks when anyone comes over. My in-laws love them all.
  20. Jadex

    Meet Lizzy!

    Awe cute! My guess would be labxhound (walker, bluetick, b&t?)