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  1. monkeys23

    Anxious senior dog and prozac?

    Have you done a chiro visit? I would rule out pain from being mis-aligned or injury/other health issue first before sticking a band aid of prozac on there. TBH what you describe sounds like some kind of health change rather than a solely behavioral. My 7yr old rescue (i.e. genetics are not...
  2. monkeys23

    Labrador Retriever

    Okay, I like never post anymore but I had to say something here. I am not and never will be a lab person. I in fact very strongly do not care for them and would rather they not touch me. I do not even find the puppies cute. BUT even so I find it very sad and offensive that someone would say such...
  3. monkeys23

    A Toast Thread

    Looking so grownup already and such family resemblance! <3
  4. monkeys23

    Onyx is two!

    How is she two already?! Gorgeous pics of your gorgeous girl as always! :)
  5. monkeys23

    Whos dogs have fought

    Lily was totally an insecure hoe when I first got Scout and the six months prior when Scout was living with my friend's mom and the RR mix boys. Even with me policing and working on things, it took Scout finally having enough of her crap and throwing her down and holding her there on the...
  6. monkeys23

    I produce neurotic dogs.

    Watching it I don't see nervous... I seem zomg I am so excited about the noms and I know mom won't like it if I try to dive into them and I have this thing on my head, so I can't!!! So yeah maybe anxiety about being so overaroused about such high value goodies with no appropriate outlet for that...
  7. monkeys23

    What breed did you want as a kid?

    I have exactly what I always wanted in Lily. I didn't realize it at the time when I was picking a dog, which is hilarious. I was pretty obsessed with BC's too because of my Bud man, but now I realize how slim my chances are of finding like him. I have a MUCH better shot of finding a dog like...
  8. monkeys23

    In case of the apocalypse...

    Lily type dogs 4eva. Seriously. She's a great watchdog, she has great flushing and retrieving drives, she won't charge after something if I ask her not to, she has good herding drive, I can pick her up and run if I have to (have done it before!), and she is a spectacular watchdog. We have guns...
  9. monkeys23

    That one time I charged my camera

    She's grown into such a beautiful lady! She looks like a super fun girl! :)
  10. monkeys23

    Regular life dog brag

    Yay Merlin! I think that is as brag worthy as going to worlds. ;)
  11. monkeys23

    Blue Buffalo?

    I've been doing a rotation of midgrade to good grain free foods since having to stop doing raw and the dogs have been doing well with that. I got poor enough results from TOTW and Nature's Domain that I stopped feeding them. Having to feed Scout 4 cups a day to hold normal weight kinda...
  12. monkeys23

    Fenzi Courses

    Haha, me too! I have the basics in my head, just have been too busy/lazy to type them up to post. Didn't video, but I did get a bunch of little RFT sessions into our walk this morning before work. That was pretty fun. The hardest part is turning out to be not throwing in other things like...
  13. monkeys23

    How big are your dogs?!

    Not sure on height, but Scout is taller than my trainer's 27" Belgian boy. I like her body condition best at 75lbs, though often she's upper 60's. Gangly girl! She's gotten a little easier to keep weight on thankfully. Lily I would guess is 23-4" tall and weighed 49lbs at last weigh in.
  14. monkeys23

    Separation Anxiety - progress?

    How does he do when uncrated or in an alternative containment such as an xpen or dog run? As Nicole Wilde points out, many dogs with purely SA and no other issues like general anxiety or isolation anxiety going on do worse being tightly contained via crate than they do having a designated...
  15. monkeys23


    Last bag was Merrick Duck & SP. I really liked it!!
  16. monkeys23

    Fenzi Courses

    I'm in get focused too! Are you guys bronze too? :) Really liking the in depth examining of the whys behind individual focus issues. I still need to write mine up and post to lurker group, but so far having fun. :) Scout did fine with me videoing our first 30sec session this morning, but I...
  17. monkeys23

    Do you think there are any critical periods for learning development in dogs?

    Absolutely. Scout was born out of a hoarding bust situation and her first owner adopted her when she was 12-13wks old. It definitely shows in major ways.
  18. monkeys23

    Dog boarding kennels

    Definitely be really careful. All I'm going to say is that even with doing all the right research and etc. after one time I was forced to resort to boarding my dogs for a trip my mom and I took two years and change ago, I will never board my dogs again at a boarding kennel if I can help it. It...
  19. monkeys23

    Separation Anxiety - progress?

    Yes!!! This is great to work through! :) Also working through Control Unleashed exercises helps a lot. Honestly the best general anxiety progress for us came from doing a lot of training teaching alternate behaviors. Private lessons working on confidence building using CU and BAT type...
  20. monkeys23

    Separation Anxiety - progress?

    DAP and rescue remedy would be good things to try if the vet doesn't want to put a puppy on drugs. However if the pup is biologically wired for this... its going to have to go on something to balance its body chemistry and have a normal life and the sooner the better. I'd look for a new vet if...