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  1. Tankstar

    Worst Shedder?

    Short hair dogs always shed the worst. I think beagles are horrid. It is non stop. Solo never stops
  2. Tankstar


    So blaze was vomiting for 3 days. Pretty much never is he sick. I was gone away for almost 2 days. I took him in yesterday. Lucky we caught it just in time. His levels were 407 over 400. Just looking for more information on it.any one with unfortunate history on it I know exactly how and why it...
  3. Tankstar

    lymes disease

    He asked if I wanted them checked. And since I do pull ticks off them every year I figured why not get them checked. We were already in office and it was a cheap test. I won't know to much more unti l I bring him back in tonight.
  4. Tankstar

    lymes disease

    I havnt been very active in a while. with buying a house, moving , jobs ect ect life gets ahead of you. Well poor Solo has been disgnosed with it. Both dogs have always been on preventitave, but deer ticks are not part of the preventitive. I have seen zero signs such as limping and what not...
  5. Tankstar

    He's getting older. :(

    Blaze will be 11 in May. scary to me. but I just had a full blood panal done on him a few weeks ago when i took my moms new dog to the vet. he is 100% normal. still acts like a crazy teenage dog. the new house has a huge back yard where they run and play for hours (which is great since this...
  6. Tankstar

    Which is the best deshedder tool?

    You do not use those on poodle type fur. you use a slicker brush a dematting rake if needed and a greyhound comb. never ever a de shedder
  7. Tankstar

    What breeds does your SO like?

    hounds. and #1 being beagles. also rotties , dobes, shepherds. But his first choice is always a beagle lol
  8. Tankstar

    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    working in dog grooming. rare breeds seem to find us. dandie din mont, petite bassest griffons, plenty of potcakes (but more of a type lol) My friend has a Deutscher Wachtelhund aka german spaniel. my co worker breeds harriers and juras TBH im just drawing a massive blank lol
  9. Tankstar

    What's your dog's grooming routine like?

    normally a full groom, bath brush nails dremel ears blow out 2-3 times a month. As a groomer its just easy to bring them to work. pay a bather to bathe, blow dry them for me and then I finish them up lol. actually they will be going in to work tomorrow for the works. Solo being a beagle is...
  10. Tankstar

    How much exercise do you (really) give your dogs?

    All depends on time of year. But I do like to make sure they get atleast a 30mins walk a day. at minimum. currently we have been under massive ice storms, high winds and temps of -40. So we dont go outside much right now, but its just not reasonable to. even washroom nbreaks are 2 mins and...
  11. Tankstar


    I got our collie Lassie when I was 4 (for my 4th bday) had her until I was 16. We too lost her as suddenyl and unexpected. it was so difficult. its been 12 years and yet, I still miss her and tear up thinking of her. I had a dream the other night and sweetie my other child hood (from when I...
  12. Tankstar


    rest easy beutiful girl. You did well. So sorry for your loss. After I lost all 3 of my childhood dogs. it was like a era was gone. childhood pets are the best and the ones you will have the best memories off. Im sure Sally has left you with tons of great, funny, sad and angry...
  13. Tankstar

    Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?

    I groom a aussie x poodle. she is merle has wavy thin coat. wish i could do a fun clip on her, but they like her shaved right off.
  14. Tankstar

    I want to become a groomer!

    IMO you will be very very very hard to find a job while taking a online grooming course. this is a job where you need hands on learning, not book work. I dont know any groomers who would hire some one with just online schooling. this is not a easy job where text work will help you. you...
  15. Tankstar

    How often do you get paid?

    I get paid every week. I'm paid a commission. so all depends how many dogs I groom and how expensive their groom was. I make around the same eery week give or take 100 bucks or so. so its easy for me to figure out what it will be. And if i want extra, I book extra clients.
  16. Tankstar

    Feeding Before and After Exercise? (Bloat concern)

    I only wait about 20mins before a walk. but their walks early in they am consist of onleash walk around the 'hood about 3kms. So Im not worried. I do make them wait about 20mins anytime after a meal before doing anything. I, not to worried about bloat. just I think they should relax a bit to let...
  17. Tankstar

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    id love to try solo in it. But I can never find any where close enough that fits my schedule to do so. where are you located? Im just near oshawa
  18. Tankstar


    Blaze found a box out on a walk the other day. and like any normal typical 10 year old dog would do. he decided to destroy it lol lifes a beach posers drooler
  19. Tankstar


    I have not posted pictures in a while. so as I was going through my phone. figured id upload some. so here is some random shots. Solo standing on watching or guarding my boyfriend lol handsome Solo has a stuffed beagle he carries almost every where. he brought it that morning to...
  20. Tankstar

    Would you die for your dog?

    thinking of it now. I have fought for Solo. I havnt talked about it any where i dont think. But may 8th.(the day before I left for a almost 3 week europe vacation) I had both dogs in the woods. for a morning walk. out of no where 2 huge rotties came out and both stood over solo, both very...