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    Normal? Not normal, help!

    You can change the shanpoo u used or use some fish oil.. It happened my dog too.. But don`t bath her so soon..
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    New Dog Forum.

    Thank you for sharing.. I will check it...
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    Help, Please

    I am so sorry about that. One of my friend`s dog had the same problem. The had realy bad time with the do. But it got soon... The dog is not have any problem for now. It is so bad ti pay that puppy that much money also. I hope puppy will be ok.. I hope it will get soon...
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    Raw feeding FAQ

    Thanks for sharing... Good writing
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    What to Expect When Raising a Puppy

    You explain realy good. Thanks for sharing. You are so right. I remember the first I got my dog, she was 2 months old and sometimes I get crazy what she did in the house. But you know you cannot getting that much angry while they are looking at our eyes..
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    Graphic and Mature Material

    I totally agree with you. I don`t understand why they are trying... I think they like to make messy things ....
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    New Dog Directory

    Hi everybody, Ikonw a website for dog owners.. It kind of different. Links to dog owners to each other. You can create a profile for your pet too... It mostly about dog but there are some other pets too... You can check it.. It is only accept member form USA.. Dog Pictures PS:I hope I...
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    Dog Pictures, Puppy Pictures

    There is a new site which aims to create a communication between all dog owners live in USA. You can create a profile for your dog or cat too. And they get their own friends.. This site links you with someone else and you can meet with new people.. I don`t know I like it..
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    The DOWN Command.

    MAybe Bear just did not get your point. Just keep trying.
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    Nail Clipping

    I know it is a hard part. I could not cut the nails of my canary too... But for my dog I never need to cut... She runs all day so it always breaks
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    How to add a signature

    :) you are adding slide pictures but I cannot add ant ictures.. it asking url and I don`t have a url :(
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    They are so cute I couldnot find how to upload a picture..
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    My dog.. I have hard time to teach her..

    Hello froends, I have a 3 years old boxer, but I just tought her. She loves playing and unning but don`t listen to me
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    Hello From Miami

    HEllo all, I am from Miami, and my nod name is Hera, she is a 3years old boxer :) And I have realy hard time to teach somethng to her..