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  1. SailenAero

    Small cooked bones?

    don't do itttttt lol
  2. SailenAero

    Indie <3

    first bath 3 months Today with Aero!
  3. SailenAero

    Indie's 1st Trip to the Vet with Us!

    yup! she's a red self-merle (ASCA) she has olive green eyes and one eye is 1/2 light blue
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    Mini Aussies

    I'm gonna have to disagree. You are very welcome to your opinion, but the history of the Aussie is much different - and an AKC standard being set in the 80's is not saying everything. Look at the ASCA as well as the stock dog registry. here is a great article on aussie history. and...
  5. SailenAero

    Calling All Interested in Koolies

    we want one - but it has to be after either Aero or Indie passes away
  6. SailenAero

    Indie's 1st Trip to the Vet with Us!

    Yup! out of Slash V's Wicket & Tide!
  7. SailenAero

    Mini Aussies

    not being rude - but there is no such thing as a mini aussie. it's a designer dog that utilizes the look of an australian shepherd which only comes in one standard size. personally i am against mini aussies - but that's just my honest opinion and thus why i am so snarky about it. i'm curious as...
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    Indie's 1st Trip to the Vet with Us!

    12lbs! Just like Aero at this age.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hullo from me & Aero and Indie!
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    Raw people

    she could simply have a slight intolerance to chicken
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    Need Help Rehoming...

    I feel like my whole life is crashing down around me. So due to some horrible circumstances I am having to not only rehome my 3 beautiful ferrets but I have to rehome my "family dog" (lives with my parents, not me but they decided is my sole responsibility) who is a 4 year old male min pin...
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    Puppy Bonding Question

    this is why you need to move in to evil neighbor's when he moves so we can have a super house with extended back yard +5 bonus! & i <3 you!!!
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    NEW PUPPY is HOME!!! photos!!

    A self-merle is one with no other trim or "accents" so to speak. if you look at my icon (its a cartoon - but still!) it depicts Aero's coloration. He is a blue merle with copper and white trim. Indie is a self merle - ie- red merle all over with no white or copper :)
  14. SailenAero

    Puppy Bonding Question

    Thanks - yes, we already have training lined up for January. Aero is our 1 year old male Aussie. We've had him since he was 10 weeks and he is more submissive than Indie will be - I can already tell by her outgoing nature. Indie is a cuddlebug and likes to snooze on the couch. I just didn't know...
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    nice to meet you all!
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    I saved a dog a few days ago..

    makes me so sad when people butcher dog ears :( glad he is safe in your care!
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    Puppy Bonding Question

    Plus! here's a picture!
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    Puppy Bonding Question

    So our little bundle of joy, Indie, is 8 weeks old and has been having a great time so far. She has gone to work with my SO twice (raw feeding pet store but she stays in her crate in the backroom and will until all of her shots are complete) and I pick her up around lunch time when I get off...
  19. SailenAero

    14 bomb dogs die in sealed truck

    yeah it happened here. i live in harris county. the metro K9 unit buys raw from where we work and they were upset about it as well. so so extremely sad. losing talented dogs who work for the community and safety of people is tragic.