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  1. yv0nne

    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    Been there a few times. Boyfriends' brother& sister-in-law live there. It's called Winterpeg for a reason. They had a September wedding. It was like -4C& snowing. Soooooooo cold. Constantly cold. Sis-in-law works at the university, says it is great place. Have three friends who traveled...
  2. yv0nne

    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    I PR'd my 5, 10& 21.1k distances! I also got pull-ups, dubs, push-ups and lots of lifting PRs. Bring on 2016!
  3. yv0nne

    Hi fom a Vizsla and two BCs

    Hey :) I have a Vizsla as well! Nice to have another on the forum !
  4. yv0nne

    The Venting Thread

    DD ..isn't your boyfriend Mexican?
  5. yv0nne

    Aussie Fun

    I love both those girlies :) Everest is the most awesome name& I kind of want to steal it for my next puppy ahah!
  6. yv0nne

    Which breed for me?

    Yeah Penn sheds like a psycho ..I brush her every day& sometimes multiple times a day. Each time, it looks like a baby Vizsla is laying on the floor. But no. Just hair. Also short hair might be worse because it just weaves its way into everything and you can't pick it off. Sometimes I feel...
  7. yv0nne

    Do you have a favorite?

    Penn. But only because she's my only option ;)
  8. yv0nne

    Creating New Breeds

    I'm desperate for someone to keep everything the same about Vizslas BUT breed in a little more handler focus..
  9. yv0nne

    Maintaining a professional appearance on social networking

    My profile is pretty much totally open and I post whatever I want. It is 99% funny workout photos or things about my dog& 1% random. I have most coworkers on my Facebook (and I'm their supervisor) and my manager on there.. I never hold what the kids post against them at work (except in one...
  10. yv0nne

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Penny ate my Garmin and she may pay with her life. Because I might still kill her.
  11. yv0nne

    The dog musing/vent thread

    I literally want a herder/ Vizsla mix. Would pay top dollar. I'll buy ALL THE PUPPIES if someone will breed them for me kthanks.
  12. yv0nne

    Recallers 6.0

    Someone should just share their log in info with me LOL
  13. yv0nne

    The Hazel Thread

    I love, love her! And her name suits her so perfectly :)
  14. yv0nne

    Heat tolerance?

    The heat doesn't really bother Penn.. it was fairly warm this AM& we ran 10k in 53 minutes with no stops other than 3 water stations where I dumped the water on her belly. She is always content to just lay in the sunshine though!
  15. yv0nne

    Help me pick my wedding dress?

    2& 6.. love both of them!!
  16. yv0nne

    Why did you pick your breed of choice?

    Looked for breeds that could train& complete a full marathon. Picked the best one out of them then did more research to see if I would actually like Vizsla's. Met with the breeder when there was a puppy for me& then took her home three weeks later :)
  17. yv0nne

    BF/GF expenses 50/50 or?

    I would be put out by the fact he didn't consider you at all when planning the trip ..unless he is going alone& only asked you after it to be considerate? If you can afford to go, but money is tight, don't go. Just tell him you want to spend your extra money on something you want to do :) I...
  18. yv0nne

    The Venting Thread

    Yeah that's not an overreaction ..That is really insensitive of him :(
  19. yv0nne

    The Venting Thread

    I am allergic to coconut.. and people always tell me that can't be a real allergy. One hairdresser washed my hair with shampoo with it in it. Because she didn't believe me. Until my scalp broke out in red welts. People need to stop saying they have allergies when they just don't like things.
  20. yv0nne

    Fenzi Courses

    YESS! So glad I wasn't alone in feeling like I walked away wondering 'but what do I do when..' I think I was spoiled by taking Nancy Little's class first. She was fabulous and had tons of videos of different dogs at different points in their training and made sure to include their mistakes in...