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    Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Recipes

    I will throw a roast, potatoes, carrots in there with an envelope Lipton beefy onion, and a can of Campbells mushroom soup and cook 8 hours. Crock pots do well with Venison too (: With chicken or pork I will just dump a bottle of bbq sauce in there for 8 hours. To add a bit of zest, I dump...
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    Ding Dong Gone Wrong

    Sammys' "ding dong" is always out as well....ALWAYS. I had him neutered Monday, and it's still out.
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    In MY past experience, I have always dealt with "humping" as a dominance issue. And it has never really been an issue. If the dogs are roughhousing one may feel the need to dominate and start humping the air, but a sharp "WHAT are you doing?" has always led to them stopping and walking away in...
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    Something 'crystal' to buy for a man?

    Does he drink Vodka? There is a Vodka out now that comes in a real crystal skull. I know skull sounds goth but it really is kinda neat!
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    Has anyone used Capstar?

    Capstar rocks, but it's not cheap. Capstar is a daily pill. One pill kills the fleas for 24 hours. The price here is $8 per pill. It is awesome, like said above as a "flea bomb" so to speak. But it is not a preventative. Comfortis is a once a month pill. I stick with the Advantage........
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    Sammy needs a home-FAST!

    Yall remember the dog that I rescued several weeks back? Well, I kinda figured I would have to rehome him. It's hard but I at least accomplished what I set out to do, I saved his life! He is doing real well. His spine is no longer as visible, his hips aren't protruding so far and his...
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    Update on my rescue

    The first pic looks painted doesnt it? Maybe because he was kinda far away so the pic is cropped and zoomed in on.
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    Update on my rescue

    and this was this afternoon...
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    Update on my rescue

    Fist, I have named him Sammy. Sammy is a GOOD GOOD boy. Smart as a whip. Housetrained and crate trained with no accidents at all already. Sleeps thru the night. Has gained 9 ounces, it has been 2 weeks, but they tell me it is a slow process. Sammy also was diagnosed with Sarcoptic Mange...
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    My rescue

    Two replies. Sorry..
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    My rescue

    77 views, one reply, very sad....
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    My rescue

    On Wednesday, there was an ad on Facebook regarding a puppy that someone "found" abd couldn't keep but was very skinny and needed a home, for free. This is the picture: Naturally I was appalled at the health of this pup. There were 69 replies, everything ranging from "If that's a pit I will...
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    Joint Supplements

    My Chocy (100 lbs) was diagnosed with arthritus a few months ago. I knew from past experiences to always give my dogs Glucosamine to avoid joint issues. But apparantly it wasn't enough. The vet gave us Phycox, they are chews and he gets one twice a day. Within a week his limp got better, within...
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    Do you have any doggy household "traditions"/routines?

    We have "Last Call" every night at 9 o'clock. It's their last potty break. Every dog gets one piece of buttered toast every morning, in a certain order, while sitting in a certain place. They never let me cook breakfast without their toast. Daizy barks at me constantly while making it. They...
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    What is your dog's registered name?

    Joseph's Dixie Pride N' Joy (Dixie) Dixie Pride's Chocolate Rebel (Chocy) Dixie's Pride's Clay's King Cato (Cato) Dixie Pride's Whoopsie Daizy (Daizy) and this is my favorite name for any dog, he is my sons dog Zeus that I take care of. His name is Clay's Almighty Zeusy Caboosey......:rofl1:
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    George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    When I moved to Florida in 1986, the neighborhood we lived in was in West Bradenton. Back then, yes, it was mostly white and East Bradenton was prodominantly black. If someone was black and in the neighborhood, it was probably for a no good reason. AND if someone was white in their neighborhood...
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    George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    NOT reading all these pages. NOT keeping up to the second about this. But, these few facts, and this is my opinion formed from them. #1: Z followed a black person thru a mostly white subdivision. (In the city they were in, this is nothing new.NOT being racial, however I swear, it makes sense)...
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    What's the funniest thing you've seen a dog do ?

    I had a dog, Roscoe. He was an APBT. I was young and we had to move 900 miles away and was not allowed to bring him. Until this day I kick myself for leaving him. He went to live with my father in law. And eventually was put down...a whole different story that will haunt me forever...
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    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    We fought diet changes for 7 years. And it wasn't until recently (5 months ago) that we tried one more time. And this FINALLY helped. We even did RAW for awhile, and it didn't work as good as this is working. And the Temporil P, is awesome. Being that it is part steroid and part antihistimine...