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    Everything tastes better with dirt or sticks.

    Haha Lugar would agree with your pups! Love it!
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    Beautiful boy! Love his ears!
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    Thanks a Lot Riley

    Aw those cuddling pics are so cute!! Sorry to hear about your back... hope you feel better soon!
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    Does your dog tolerate puppies?

    Lugar is excellent with puppies, as in he doesn't growl or get nasty with them, but he isn't one to up and play right away. Depends on how old the puppy is. If the puppy is a baby still he just tolerates the puppy biting and will sometimes play back. When he does, he just holds his mouth open as...
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    What a cutie!
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    Hi There

    Welcome aboard!
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    I think spring is here...

    Great pics! Looks like everyone's enjoying the spring weather :) Love the "mid air hop" picture of Courtney!
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    Things that aren't as easy as they used to be

    I used to love doing cartwheels and round-offs when I was little... last I tried to do one like 2 years ago, I pulled a muscle in my groin. Not fun.. lol
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    Hi Everyone :) New here

    Welcome! :)
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    Your babies are just too cute for words! Love how they're all staring at the toy in the pool like "Dude... how iz we gonna get dat out? You go first... den I can haz it" Too funny tugging on the strap hehe
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    Introducing my Dogs, 2 pugs and a cross breed.

    Aww! Love their little squishy faces! :)
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    So Excited To Be Here

    Welcome aboard! :)
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    some recent pics of jayson =)

    What a hunk! :) He's beautiful!
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    Phoebe is gone

    I am so very sorry for your loss :(
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    Sloan and her AKC debut

    Congrats to you both! :)