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    What would you do differently?

    Not really growing up. But I would have left my ex way earlier. We dated about 3/4 of a year and that was way too long. I wasted so much time and money with him it was stupid.
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    Has Chaz slowed down in posts? Or is it me?

    I check back in once in a while and I think it's slowed down. FB hasn't though XD But for me life's just been crazy and while I still enjoy reading threads I don't really have as much time to post like I use to. I don't even think I ever ended coming back and updating everyone after...
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    Evaluate the rescue, not just the dog.

    If fostering is something you really enjoy doing maybe you could find a different group to foster for? I find this kind of crazy because the rescues around me that I've contacted all do a pretty crazy amount of evaluating dogs before even accepting them. Maybe you could find a lawyer that...
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    Omg, I'm mortified.

    I think I could handle Yoshi actually killing things if she would stop just catching them and then releasing them in our house.
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    Tulsa's First Conformation Show

    Congrats! Sidenote whenever you say Tulsa I get excited because I think something is going on near me finally XD
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    Favorite brand & type of ice cream

    Don't get between me and it
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    A Sucky Deal

    I just wanted to mention from my experience with my last two jobs. When we looked at resumes it wasn't necessarily that they dropped out and kept going back that hurt a lot of people's chance. It was the fact they'd take time off and then finally get a job. FT sometimes but most of the time...
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    A Sucky Deal

    First off for me, personally, I would do it no questions asked. I went for a ton of 'dream jobs'. Not all worked out but I don't regret trying. That being said I have no children or significant other so any decisions I make only affect me. I think that xpaeanx brings up some good points...
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I tried the devil worship but I don't think I yelled loud enough. I was told to hit my monitor until I got a crack but I don't know if I have enough dedication for that.
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I tried the thing where I yell at the screen while typing but it doesn't seem to work.
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    They declare winners now :O I'll have to try a lot harder lol
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    No one ever wins online debates. Ever. Lol
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    The Venting Thread

    I don't know how 'professional' it is but could you make it a Q A format? I have trouble telling people about my anxiety issues and struggles I have with social situations from Aspergers. If I just write about it I get kind of rambly. But when I try and bullet point or answer direct...
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    The Great Training "Debate"?

    I don't necessarily think things like prong collars and ecollars are wrong. But I don't think they should be the first thing people go to. Yoshi's idea of playing is getting smacked around and tackled she's a very rough play dog. I'm not worried about something really hurting her. But I've...
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    Crafty people? Sewing...

    I work for a fabric company and get free and heavily discounted fabric so I thought I would start sewing. I learned from my grandmother when I was younger and even made my own graduation dress so I had some knowledge. I ended up not really staying with it. I did make a quilt before I...
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    sensitivity to textures

    I do. My main one is that kind of rubbery foam they use in things like sleeping pads/cheap floor beds. A lot of my family has them just because the family is so large my grandparents keep them for family reunions and stuff. Just touching it with my hand or leg for some reason just gives me...
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    The Venting Thread

    I know this probably isn't what you want to hear but is there any way you'd be able to temporarily rehome Rigby until you were on your own? I know you're working with her on her issues but the environment now doesn't sound safe. If others in the house aren't keeping up with the training you...
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    What movies have you seen recently?

    Saw Guardians of the Galaxy a couple weeks ago and Friday saw No Good Deed.
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    You make me sick.... (Designer Breeders)

    I really like all poodles I have met. I've even thought of eventually owning one but their coat is a huge turn off for me. I'd rather not have to deal with that. So while I like them I can see why other people would avoid them.
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    I got my brother one for Christmas last year and he really likes it but it's SUPER sensitive. It's the one he wears as a watch and it counts tiny things like writing as 'steps'. He says he's tried messing with it but it's always super sensitive. He wears it when he actually works out though...