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  1. TruckersMom

    Dogma Dog Care

    You guys took wonderful care of my pup while he was at Rural Dog Rescue before he came home. Now when I go out of town even though I am pretty far away I plan to send him back there.
  2. TruckersMom

    Chaz breed info (add yours)

    Redbone Coonhound REDBONE COONHOUND GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Scent-hounds. Have the pleading expression that is common to Hound Breeds (2001 introduction into the AKC under Miscellaneous). Most laid-back of all the Hound Breeds. Acceptable Colors: Solid Red (preferred) Small amounts of...
  3. TruckersMom

    Index of Pet Rescues

    Rural Dog Rescue specializes in the "Underdogs" ( The black dogs, The seniors, The hounds, The sick & injured, and The Pits): When They pulled my dog from the NC shelter he had been their only 24 hours and was 24 hours from being put down. His only fault was...
  4. TruckersMom

    Trucker's Thread

    I am the world most picture obsessed dog mom so here are a couple of my baby:
  5. TruckersMom

    Any Central Marylanders Out There?

    Any other Chazzers located around Central Maryland? I am midway between Baltimore and Annapolis but Maryland really isn't that big :)
  6. TruckersMom

    hi, everyone

    I have a tabby cat, Galileo (4) who I have had since he was 6 weeks that I got from a shelter. And a redbone coonhound, Trucker (2), that I got Oct 16th of this year from a local rescue that pulled him from a high kill (48 hour) shelter in North Carolina.
  7. TruckersMom

    Hi Ya'll from the Newbies

    Hi Ya'll I just wanted to introduce myself and my recently adopted 2 year old Redbone Coonhound, Trucker. Trucker is a rescue that was found in the woods of North Carolina and has a lot of baggage to go with his past. He is afraid (petrified in a catatonic state) of "strange" anything so...