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    Mordy's Quigley

    Quigley was loved as much as any dog who ever lived..and then some. Run free little man. Sabine and Patrick, I can only offer my deepest sympathy and tell you that you were the best doggie parents in the world. Quigley lived the life that all dogs deserve. (((((((hugs)))))))
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    Cleo my pretty girl

    (((((((hugs)))))))...I'm so sorry Linda. Run free Cleo..
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    Mine is 403 253-6080 :-)

    Mine is 403 253-6080 :-)
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    Not sure what I did there. I lost a message. Do you know when Linda is usually on here? I may...

    Not sure what I did there. I lost a message. Do you know when Linda is usually on here? I may ask her to call me so that I can have a question/answer dialog with her to ensure that I provide the best suggestions with as many known specifics as I can. Thanks for the heads up. I'm so busy on...
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    Grammy, I wasn't fortunate enough to meet you in this life but I know we'll meet in the next. I'm sure that as I type this you're surrounded by love and a sea of golden fur. I'll miss reading your posts filled with humor, kindness and wisdome. Bless you Grammy, you've touched so many lives...
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    Spoke with Grammy and she sent a message

    Holding you tight in my prayers Grammy and thinking of you all of the time. I'm so sad to hear that you're having such a difficult struggle. I know that if we could, all of Chaz would absorb it for you and help you to feel peace and comfort. (((((((hugs)))))))
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    Help identifying a breed of dog

    Could be a mix or - bearded collie pictures - Google Search
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    Where is Zoomer? I haven't been a trail guide since the mid 90's but I loved it. It was so...

    Where is Zoomer? I haven't been a trail guide since the mid 90's but I loved it. It was so peaceful as long as there were no idiots on the jont. I worked with an outfit that put the horses first and all were slated for cans before joining the ranch.
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    This took my breath away...must see.

    Touchy much? Just maybe.... I shouldn't be surprised by this kind of negativity. From you though...I really am. Read what I posted, think about how I felt when I posted it, then read the reply posts. You know exactly what I'm talking about though I'm sure you'll twist it to appear...
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    This took my breath away...must see.

    *shakes head*... Just one more thread to prove that - 1) the only group of people worse for their need to disect every opinion than dog people, are horse people. I've lived it....dega vous. And 2) I was right to stop posting here a long time ago. I'll never understand how...
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    Puggles and Doodles and -Poos, Oh My!

    I don't know of one Labradoodle breeder who is breeding back to poodles. Not one...
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    Puggles and Doodles and -Poos, Oh My!

    With the number of Labradoodles coming through my classes (and yes, I have one from Australia who is now 7), I can tell you that they are breeding true. Not the backyard bred ones, which I see but not nearly as much lately, but the ones from multi-gen breedings. They do have different sizes...
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    This took my breath away...must see.

    Just wanted to share. I actually cried when I watched this. (was not even hormonal;)) Pinnacle Friesians Presents Frederik the Great - Video
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    Pulls on lead, harness???

    Of all of the new front clip "no pull" harnesses on the market today, I find the best one to be the Halti brand. Halti Harness - No Pull Harness - Dog Training Supply It fits better than most and fits more breeds than the others as well. It also has the secondary clip back up to the...
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    I agree...what a HUNK!!! ok, that sounded a little weird...:rofl1:
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    Prayers needed for Zoen

    Sending Vibes and Prayers for little Zoen. I'm hoping that this morning finds Zoen improving quickly. Very frightening and way too much for one family to have to go through...
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    Mary looks as soft as velvet in that picture Renee. What a beautiful girl..
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    Run free Dear, Sweet Mary. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet you in person but I know that one day that chance will come. ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) Smkie and family. Mary was one very loved family member..
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    Oh Smkie, there are no words to express the sadness I feel for you, and the admiration for both you and Mary. I have and always will have a special love for Mary, a dog I've never met but felt I knew so well through your pictures and wonderful stories. I wish you knew Smkie, though I've not...
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    Jack russel terrier people - help!!!!!

    This sweet little Jack has a forever that I couldn't have written any better. A very happy ending.....:)