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  1. Romy

    Naming help for future puppy

    You could name her Tacoma/Tahoma, which was the original Salish name for Mt. Rainier. It means "nourishing breast", so definitely not a dude name. :rofl1: Pele? Helen? From Mt. St. Helens? Half the mountain blew off in recent history, so you could get some interesting possibilities for...
  2. Romy

    So called "wolf hybrids"

    Tell him to look into tamaskans. They do have a dab of wolf early on in the breed history, but for the most part the good breeders who have been working with them have been selecting carefully for temperament and biddability. I've met a few and they were all extremely well behaved dogs...
  3. Romy

    Had a very scary experience the other night walking the dogs

    Can Strider be the official Coyote Hazer? Without fail, once he brings one down the entire pack makes itself scarce for a few months, and they don't try crap like baiting domestic dogs into ambush traps anymore.
  4. Romy

    End Stage Dementia: Feeding Tubes

    There are some different feeding tube options. The gastric tube is inserted surgically, and needs a lot of care. I used to work for someone with a gastric/jejunal tube and it was a constant thing. There was another person that had one too, and he didn't understand why it was there so was...
  5. Romy

    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    Liver nosed or snow nosed? Light colored noses =/= liver coloring, and breeding them to a liver dog will produce dogs with normal pigment. This is snow nose. Snow nose is very common in goldens. Note that the eyes are not bright yellow and eye rims are dark. This is not the same as liver...
  6. Romy

    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    What is the origins of that one specific dog he uses as the example though? Was she a rescue of unknown origin? Is she pedigreed? In the comments he also says a liver golden would be "extremely rare". Combined with the rarity of ibizan hounds it would be extremely unlikely for a first...
  7. Romy

    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    Liver pigment isn't supposed to exist in the golden retriever breed. Snow nose, where the black pigment fades to brown, is pretty common though. Any dogs that look like goldens and have true liver nose/lip/eye skin pigment and the yellow eyes to go with it are likely golden mixes. Golden and lab...
  8. Romy

    Children pretending to be dogs

    My guess is holiday excitement + sugar. Especially the sugar, and especially if they were bingeing on it to the exclusion of other foods. I have four kids under 10 here. It does weird things to their brains. lol
  9. Romy

    Which should I choose?

    Brussels griffons would be a good fit. They have a wire coat too which is very low maintenance. Plus they look like ewoks. :thumbup: Havanese and shih tzus are great low energy dogs that are very smart and fun. Italian greyhounds and whippets have prey drive, but it's manageable with...
  10. Romy

    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    What color is her nose? If she was a golden cross, there is a 100% guarantee her nose would be black. The gene that makes pharaoh hound noses brown is recessive, and is not found in the golden retriever breed. All first generation puppies of that cross would have black noses. And probably...
  11. Romy

    Children pretending to be dogs

    Sounds like a lot of normalish kids on a holiday, honestly. How much sugar did they have that day? lol Really though, if the kids binged on sugary stuff and then started to feed off each other's craziness, even the most level headed kid can get really weird for an afternoon. The fact that...
  12. Romy

    Breed choice for lost pet tracking

    You could get a merle and not tape his ears. :P This is Tucker with baby Strider, many years ago.
  13. Romy

    Breeders and Registered Names

    With my litters, I don't generally let people pick their registered names. If someone had ideas and had committed to a certain puppy, I'd definitely be open to their suggestions but ultimately it would be my decision. My co-breeder/mentor had been burned with people tacking on dumb or...
  14. Romy

    Breed choice for lost pet tracking

    A smooth collie could potentially work really well for you. They are pretty calm and collected for a herding dog, highly intelligent, good with other animals, and excellent at tracking. Mel at Moxie Collie's original search and rescue dog was a smooth merle named Tucker. He was an amazing...
  15. Romy

    Breed choice for lost pet tracking

    Surprisingly enough, it's extremely effective and becoming one of the default responses for folks who have lost sight hounds. A few months ago someone locally lost their whippet. It's a very rural county with a high population of coyotes, black bear, large aggressive raccoons, and cougars...
  16. Romy

    Let's talk Goats!

    Also, when you buy them, avoid auctions. There's a pretty nasty infectious disease called CAE that cripples them. Most people test their herds or maintain closed herds. If you get a goat from someone who studs out their bucks, chances are they will be testing their herd. If you can get a a...
  17. Romy

    Let's talk Goats!

    Goats are very much like sighthounds. At least mine are, they train the same way. THEY ARE SO CHEAP TO TAKE CARE OF! I wish I'd known that before, would have gotten them sooner. My goat pen has no forage, so I have to buy 100% of their food. It only costs me $200 a year in hay. FOR A YEAR. I...
  18. Romy

    Day 6 of raw feeding - disaster

    If cooked rice and ground beef normalize his stools, why not just stick to a beef based diet? It shouldn't be too hard to do beef based raw at some point when he's ready. Then maybe add some other red meats once he's solid with that. Like goat or venison.
  19. Romy

    Which breeds shed the most in your experience?

    Kuvasz. Hands down. They are in the same category as great pyrs. The one I fostered produced more dust buffalos in one day than my friends household of 10 collies and 1 GSD produced in an entire week.
  20. Romy

    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    Long haired whippet history is super controversial. For one, there are several registries and a couple of the registries did outcross into sheltie later on. One of them with the original line maintains that they are pure whippet and only outcrosses to pure whippets. The original LHW were...