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  1. StephyMei1112

    Would you die for your dog?

    Absolutely. I do not have nor plan on having children, at the moment have no significant other and don't really care for my family. I'd die for my best friends and put my life on the line for them, my significant other, and dog - in equal order.
  2. StephyMei1112

    Central Asia photography project

    I found this very beautiful - wanted to share. A sample of photographer Carolyn Drake's book "Two Rivers" - a photographic journal/record of the area in Central Asia that follows the regions two major rivers...
  3. StephyMei1112

    Would you own your current breed(s) of dog(s) again?

    Shibas - NEVER again. Eskie - Possibly; a really even tempered one though. Kuvaszok - Abso-f*ckinglutely.
  4. StephyMei1112

    RIP Percy

    How precious. I'm so sorry (hugs).
  5. StephyMei1112

    Gambit Was Attacked

    Awful, lots of hugs to you and Gambit. Lots of vibes for a super speedy recovery.
  6. StephyMei1112

    I need prayers for Gunner

    Best of wishes and sending lots of soothing energy your way - good luck.
  7. StephyMei1112


    She's okay lol - I just made it a priority to take her out as much as possible to meet people, animals etc so that she didn't have any issues later on. I was pleasantly surprised that she is able to discern so well as we hardly had people over at the house. The rest she takes credit for as an...
  8. StephyMei1112

    My temporary home

    You should see my miniscule squat. At least you don't have to share a bathroom with anyone.... It's actually not half bad at all - don't be disheartened. Sending very best wishes for everything. Stay safe and take care <3.
  9. StephyMei1112


    Tibetan Mastiff? LOL They aren't totally affordable nor are they super expensive. I don't think they are overly snarky (especially if you get a female) and are quite nocturnal (or so I've heard). I don't think they really like to track either.... Needless to mention their protective skills....
  10. StephyMei1112

    Where do you want to be in five years?

    *Within the space of the next five years, at least once, be truly thankful and happy that I am alive with a positive attitude towards life. I would like to feel it a joy to be alive rather than a hideous chore. Just once. *With a property of my own as well as recovering the one that was just...
  11. StephyMei1112

    What is your favorite dog breed?

    Kuvaszok, Central Asian/Caucasian Shepherds, & for type/class LGD's in general. The former two unparalleled in intelligence, humor, independence, affection, and protective abilities and as a group they're just amazing, amazing creatures through and through - one must experience life with one...
  12. StephyMei1112

    The Venting Thread

    Ditto. Minus the two cats part for me though.
  13. StephyMei1112

    Losing my mind

    How horrid it must be to have had to struggle with such symptoms! *lots of hugs and warm thoughts to you* Absolutely see a doctor - you have to take care of yourself and take this initiative for your own well being. Don't be concerned as to the opinions of this or that person; this is your...
  14. StephyMei1112

    Happy songs for rainy days?

    Eh, I'm quite low-key....
  15. StephyMei1112

    Well now I feel like a bitch and I kind of hate people.

    Hmm, when Katalin was about that age she was such a showstopper - heads literally turned as we walked or worked in public lol. It was quite annoying at times and I didn't much care for it - Kat loved it though. When she started to get quite...large, I suppose the charm/novelty of it wore off and...
  16. StephyMei1112

    Your dog breed?

    Kuvaszok *ruff*! Majestic, beautiful creatures unmatched in intelligence, humor, affection, and loyalty <3. And LGD's in general.
  17. StephyMei1112

    What is love at first sight? or did the bond take time?

    It took abit. The first few weeks were OK. The difficult part came at about 4 - 6 months. Holy hell... Literal blood, sweat, and tears. It was really frustrating for both of us and there were alot of ups & downs. But funnily, working through that actually bonded us alot closer lol.
  18. StephyMei1112

    What are you sick of hearing in regards to your dogs?

    Assumptions about her breed: "That's a nice mix" "Ok, so poodle and...." "There's retriever in there for sure right?" "Aww a doodle!" "Isn't that an Akita?" And just being stopped by random folks wanting to gush over or play with her lol - quite annoying when I just wanted to...
  19. StephyMei1112

    Happy Easter/Pascha

    Wishing a very Happy Easter/Pascha to everyone - a little early but nonetheless, hope you all have wonderful times whatever you're doing and that the weather in your locations is favorable =D Any particular plans? I'm working tomorrow but will probably spend Sunday just chilling and I'm not...
  20. StephyMei1112

    The Venting Thread

    I'm tired...and emotional.