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  1. Alpha1

    Moving with a dog and hamster

    Do you have a dog or the hamster? Either way, start by keeping them in separate rooms where they will be able to smell each other but not necessarily see each other. You can then move to having see each other without any physical access. Then get a leash and move him/her close to the hamster...
  2. Alpha1

    Train a dog to poop in one spot!

    Find that special place where you want him to go and the rest is about potty training. I have not heard of any special training for this but I have heard people say they train them (older dogs) as they would puppies. It is a bit hard but it can be done.
  3. Alpha1

    New puppy to home with 15 month old dog

    How is Lola when interacting with other dogs? I don't have much experience with pups behaviour but I know that when you bring two of them together, they will most probably play. Sometimes this can get rough and it may not be easy to tell if they are playing or fighting. Hope you get the help you...
  4. Alpha1

    My dog is refusing to eat for past 2 days

    Have you tried giving her food first before you eat. This usually helps with dogs that want to eat from your plate. As for loss of appetite, what are you feeding her before and what did you change to? Loss of appetite can just mean she is a picky eater or can be a medical problem. If you feed...
  5. Alpha1

    Bolerame Photography (hobby photographer)

    Those are really great shots. Which camera did you use?
  6. Alpha1

    This doggy showed up at our backyard

    Good to hear she went back home. She is so adorable.
  7. Alpha1

    hi new member and proud Central asian ovcharka owner

    Welcome to the family. You will find lots of useful information that can help you out there.
  8. Alpha1

    some photos of my CAO's

    You got a beautiful family there. The photos of Nita walking on snow is amazing, i'll try to reproduce one such as this with Zik this weekend when it snows.
  9. Alpha1

    Dog ate rotten eggs

    I have Rax in my prayers, be strong.
  10. Alpha1

    RECALL: Blue Buffalo

    Thanks for sharing. Didn't know this, this is the first time am hearing about it.
  11. Alpha1

    RECALL: Blue Buffalo

    Thanks for sharing. Didn't know this, this is the first time am hearing about it.
  12. Alpha1

    Dog site about nutrition and dog health tips

    Great idea, will check out the site later.
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    Feeling guilty about not adopting

    I couldn't have said it better.
  14. Alpha1

    This is why beagles are perfect family dogs

    Awesome, beagles are the best
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    Meet shep

    He is so cute
  16. Alpha1

    New Member Joining the Chazhound Community

    Welcome to the forum
  17. Alpha1

    Hello Everyone!

    Ohhh, she is so adorable.
  18. Alpha1

    New garden pics

    These make me miss home so much
  19. Alpha1

    Pics of my dogs(Luna and Dobby)

    I love them, they are so cute
  20. Alpha1

    New look

    The new design is awesome, at least for me ;)